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  • Canada Games Gold

    Friday on Island Morning, at 8:15, we'll chat with boxing coach Howard Watts.  His boxer Robert MacMillan will fight for gold on Friday night at the Games in Halifax.

    Team P.E.I. sent along this photo of gold medal figure skater Alyssa Chapman.

    Alyssa gold.jpg

  • Training with TRX

    Stephanie Knickle-Currie shows Mitch the ropes, so to speak, of TRX Suspension training as part of Fit Friday.

    trxfit for IM.jpg


    Up next...Matt tries out the Bosu ball. That's this Friday at 8:15!


  • An Islander in New Zealand's quake zone

    We caught up with Katie via Skype this morning in Dunedin, New Zealand. Check out the audio in our podcast section.


    katieapartment.jpgOn Wednesday's show we read a blog post from an Islander caught in the earthquake in New Zealand.  Trent DeRoche told us his daughter Katie moved there February 7th.

    Here is a link to her blog post on being in the quake.

    This is a picture of Katie's apartment after the quake.

  • Listener Photo: Fox on the Bridge

    Philip Andrew sent this photo to islandmorning@cbc.ca

    "A coworker, Sean McGuire, and I were travelling the Hillsboro Bridge when we noticed this fox sitting on one of the old bridge abutments. He was not trapped there because he did get down and travel the ice while we were there.  Hope you like it."

    Fox for Island AM.jpg

  • What do you miss the most when you leave Prince Edward Island?

    Okay, so if we asked you for Islander Day what you miss most when you leave P.E.I....would storm days be on the list???? If not, what DO you miss when you're away from Prince Edward Island...whether you're away for a visit, or live far away. We'll share your thoughts Monday on Islander Day. 96.1 FM


    Dominique Chouinard: When I'm off Island, I miss the sunsets!!!

    Tina Peters-White:  i miss the friendly folks when I am off the Island...

    Claire Muir: I don't think I could stand living too far away from any shoreline! Wherever you live on PEI, you're only a short drive or walk from a great beach and a great walk...in the summer of course! - I'm "up West" and we have some of THE BEST "undiscovered by tourists" sweet summer spots! :)

    Joanne Ings: The salt air... I feel claustrophobic.

    Doreen Pippy: Storm Days are definitely on my list!!!

    Maureen Campbell-HanleyOf course storm days, we really do them best. But honestly every time I've lived elsewhere I miss summer daisies. They are spectacular her.

    Lobie Daughton: Predictable, I know, but I miss the Charlottetown Farmers' Market. I go to markets everywhere I travel, but have never found a better one

    Anna Baldacchino: What I miss the most when I am not on PEI are the Fall colours! I also miss the different berries we get on the Island and most of all the peace and quiet of the place!

    Shannon O'Connor: I miss the salt air the most...but the lupins are a close second! :)

    Lori Sipe MacLeanwhen I do leave the island for trips away...i miss the clean spring/summer air and the nice breeze. also the slower pace of our small island. such a nice thing to come home to after a trip away.

    What do you miss most when you leave Prince Edward Island? Call Talkback at 1-800-680-1898 or send us an email at islandmorning@cbc.ca and tune into Island Morning on Islander Day, Monday February 21st!


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