5 Reasons To Love Kale!

5 Reasons To Love Kale!

Here's how popular kale has become over the last couple of years: when one of the world's top kale seed suppliers announced it had run out of its product, it set off a flurry of panicked news stories, blog posts and even satirical pieces about a potential kale shortage. Not to worry, though — it turns out that reports of kale's demise were greatly exaggerated (phew!).

Around here, we've long been big fans of the stuff — and not just for its nutritional properties. With its slightly tart, slightly bitter flavour and endless adaptability, it's something of a go-to green. (And as summer days start to wane, here's yet another thing to love: although it's not hard to find throughout the year, kale actually gets more abundant and flavourful in colder months.)

For a quick demonstration of how to work with the crunchy green, watch Stefano make this quick and tasty side dish:

Here are five of our favourite kale recipes, from classic crispy kale chips to the quick sauté from the video:

Crispy Kale Chips
Orzotto with Kale
Lemony Greens with Mushrooms
Huevos Rancheros Burrito
Kale and Cherry Tomato Sauté