3 Ways You Might Not Have Had Corn!

3 Ways You Might Not Have Had Corn!

Not that there is anything wrong with the way you might be enjoying fresh, sweet corn every night (while you can!), but it may just be that you've never had corn like this!

  1. You've had corn on the cob, slathered in butter, but you can step that up a notch or two by making Mexican Grilled Corn. It's richer, spread with mayo(!), and the sweetness of the corn is balanced with tart lime and spicy cayenne. You could drool just thinking about that right?

  2. We love us some corn chowder but there's another corn soup out there to try. It's just as creamy but Corn Bisque with Crab and Bacon is, well, over-the-top. Yet sophisticated too? Perfect for cozy, casual nights in, yet a starter suitable for the most elegant menu..it's a contender for the best-all-around-soup award.

  3. Finally: corn...deep-fried. These Crispy Corn Fritters with Roasted Red Pepper Pesto will go faster than you can fry them. We could warn you to let them cool before taking a bite so you don't burn your mouth, but we would be guilty of not taking our own advice.

Try these crazy-good ways with corn this year and you'll love this short season even more than you ever did.