7 Sophisticated Desserts...With A Little Sauce!

7 Sophisticated Desserts...With A Little Sauce!

Wine for deglazing? Of course.

Beer to deepen a stew? Not new.

We're no strangers to how alcohol can enhance our savoury foods--but don't forget about dessert! Stefano likes to add a little "sauce" to the sweet things IN THE KITCHEN too.

Sometimes simply to flavour a syrupy sauce, sometimes to flambé, and sometimes to make a very basic dessert just a little more special. For instance, grappa and hazelnut liquor elevate an affogato almost instantly--Stefano makes it here in about a minute!

Here are 7 sophisticated dessert recipes, including that affogato, that use spirited drinks to make them a little more special!
Chocolate Affogato
Grilled Figs with Amaretto
Rum Raisin Baked Apples
Prosecco Cranberry Ice Pops
Red Velvet Cupcakes
Banana Bourbon Cheesecake
Cherries Jubilee