How Do I Get My Show On the CBC?

Pitches should be submitted to the appropriate department for review. In order to identify which department you should submit your pitch to, please visit the Genre section of this site for more information. 
All submissions must include a signed copy of the CBC's Submission Release form, which can be downloaded here. No exceptions will be granted.
Once your project has been submitted to the appropriate Genre department, producers can expect a response within six to eight weeks.
If there is interest in a project, the producer will be contacted for further discussion and refinement of the program proposal. Producers may be contacted should additional materials be necessary in order to make a full and proper assessment.

Development Stages

Projects generally go through a development process before being considered for production. Development stages vary depending on each individual project. 

Pre-Development Stage

The project becomes a "fleshed out pitch" by including the following, as required:
  • Outline
  • Research
  • Mini-Bible
  • Show Rundown

1st Stage of Development

The project enters formal development. Though depending on the project type, this may include scripts, series bible, additional research, detailed outlines, etc.

2nd Stage of Development

The project is developed further. This phase of development once again depends on the project type, but may include further scripts, casting conversations, preliminary financing and budget details.

Pilot Production

For a series in development, the project may move into production of a pilot episode.


The creative evaluation process takes place at this stage. This may include testing, schedule placement, talent packaging, and further creative development.

Greenlight for Production

The decision to Greenlight for Production is based on a final analysis of the project, including creative materials, budget, financing, casting, etc.

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