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Our Diversity Commitments

About Us

We succeed when the CBC matters to Canadians. And that happens when Canadians matter to us.

The Canadian public is at the centre of everything that we do. It’s our job to make and acquire smart, diverse, popular and relevant Canadian programming. It’s our duty to listen to Canadians and to approach our work from the perspective of the audience. We strive to provide multiple platforms for the expression of Canadian voices and to reflect their passion, creativity and determination.

The CBC reflects Canada’s fascinating diversity. Our content reflects the many layers of diversity represented by Canadians from coast to coast and we reinforce our open-minded curiosity and commitment to the potential of all Canadians by showcasing numerous perspectives.

In its mandate, CBC/Radio-Canada makes diversity one of its priorities, which means reflecting Canada and all of its regions as well as the country’s multicultural and multiracial nature.

Also, please note that all CBC/Radio-Canada employees, plus Individuals or companies who have a contract with CBC/Radio-Canada, including freelancers, independent producers, as well as service providers, and consultants working on-site or on a CBC/Radio-Canada project are expected to abide by the provisions in the Code of Conduct.

Our Commitment and How We Are Changing

Diversity encompasses a wide range of visible and invisible attributes that are integral to the theme of inclusion. Canada’s population is made up of a wealth of cultures, linguistic and ethnocultural communities, gender, sexual orientations, ages, religions and people with different abilities.

Ultimately, CBC Television’s goal is to be representative of contemporary Canada - its look, sounds and sensibilities - through the stories and characters that we bring to life. The reflection of the country’s diversity is key to achieving this goal. It is also critical to being relevant in the hearts and minds of the evolving Canadian public. It is important to us that all Canadians be able to recognize themselves on-air and that our television programs reflect the changing face of Canada.

We encourage producers to explore ways of meaningfully bringing diversity upfront and making diversity an integrated part of their program’s cast, concepts and stories in the same organic and complex way that it is experienced in the lives of Canadians every day. What we’re not looking for are concepts that portray diversity for diversity’s sake or give a lesson on multiculturalism or disabilities.

CBC Television is committed to reflecting Canada’s diversity through characters and stories that speak to the experience of contemporary Canada.

UNSCRIPTED Programming Independent Producers Diversity Commitment

SCRIPTED Programming Independent Producers Diversity Commitment