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New to the Industry

Where do I start?

For those looking to learn more about how we interact with independent producers, CBC’s BUSINESS & RIGHTS department has a website with many resources.

They have also created an incredible series of virtual ONE STOP WORKSHOPS that introduces emerging independent producers and content creators, to topics related to the business and financing of film, TV, and original digital content.

Be sure to visit our REFERENCES & RESOURCES page for additional links to Canadian industry groups and organizations that offer programs or funding opportunities for new and established filmmakers.

Many of our genres are open to new and emerging content creators. Please review the “Who is Eligible” sections of each GENRE brief page to determine what level of experience each area is looking for.

There are also additional areas to pitch such as The CBC Creator Network which specifically aims to develop emerging content creators across a range of disciplines from vloggers to animators and more.

How do I create a pitch?

​Again, our friends in Business and Rights have created the video below and resources for anyone looking to pitch CBC.

How to Pitch - Presentation Deck

How to Pitch - Additional Resources

What are the stages of development?

While each development journey is different for each individual project, in general, projects go through a development process before being considered for production.

Pre-Development Stage (usually done before pitching to a broadcaster)

The project becomes a “PITCH” by including some or all of the following, as required:

  • Log-Line
  • Synopsis
  • Character descriptions
  • Information on key creative(s) presently attached
  • Sample video of past work or characters being pitched

1st Stage of Development (The pitch is approved & CBC offers to move into paid development with you)

For more details on what a development contract with CBC looks like. Please visit the B&R site for:


The project enters formal development. Though depending on the project type, this may include:

  • Detailed outline(s)
  • Research
  • Series-Bible
  • Show Rundown
  • Scripts
  • Short non-airable demo
  • Additional research
  • Key creative team
  • Proposed production budget, schedule and finance plan
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion planning
  • Sustainability planning

2nd Stage of Development (as required)

The project is developed further. This phase of development once again depends on the project type, but may include further scripts, casting conversations, preliminary financing and budget details.

Pilot Production (as required)

For a series in development, the project may move into the production of a pilot episode.


The creative evaluation process takes place at this stage. This may include testing, schedule placement, talent packaging, and further creative development.

Greenlight for Production

The decision to Greenlight for Production is based on a final analysis of the project, including creative materials, budget, financing, casting, etc.

Handbooks & Format Guides

​The below guides are created for projects that have been greenlit, but they are also helpful to assist producers to anticipate what deliverables are required and in creating their draft production budgets, schedules, etc.