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Who We Are

As the national public broadcaster, we believe we can be most effective by doing what we do best in terms of feature films: providing a national showcase for them on our airwaves. 

Our commitment to filmmakers, producers and distributors remain. In addition to our 8pm timeslot, CBC launched "Summer Saturday Movies", a 9pm dedicated time slot on Saturdays showcasing a more diverse set of stories.

The Audience

A broad audience from all regions, cultures, walks of life and ages including multi-generational viewers who gather together to watch movies. Our audience is interested in seeing feature films they've heard a lot about, or who have already enjoyed them in theatres and want to watch them again on TV with family and friends.

Additional Criteria

For the 8pm time slot, films must be no longer than 90 minutes for a two-hour commercial slot. These films should have recognizable themes, stories, stars or an "even" feel and broad appeal.

The 9pm Saturday summer slot is ideal for films that are edgier or more controversial, but they must still have recognizable themes, stories and stars.

In short, we are putting our audiences first, acquiring films that work well on television, have a broad appeal and are promotable.


Contact Information

Independent Producers, Sales Agents and Distributors looking for the network to acquire completed content should send materials to the following:

Postal Address
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
PO Box 500, Station "A"
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5W 1E6
Shipping Address
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
205 Wellington Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5V 3G7

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