Who We Are

The Drama team believes in finding, developing, producing, co-producing and offering the most innovative and compelling dramatic properties for conventional and digital delivery. We have created some of the longest running, original Canadian dramas on television and we take pride in our contribution to the Canadian television landscape. We understand that we have a special responsibility to work alongside independent producers and creators across Canada, ensuring our country is reflected in the programming we offer. To that end, we look forward to having the opportunity to consider your ideas as we work toward continuing our track record of over 90% Canadian prime time programming and beyond.

What We are Looking For

CBC is looking for ongoing or limited dramatic series that showcase the best in Canadian talent and storytelling. We want high impact, buzzworthy programming. We are looking for unique and compelling ways to reflect contemporary Canada back to itself and on the world stage. Our core programming needs are for 1-hour dramas that can air on the CBC linear service between the hours of 8:00 pm–10:00 pm. Dramas with strong episodic engines that feature engaging characters are of interest, as are adaptations of celebrated or significant Canadian novels or other IP. We will look at most genres, and lean towards projects set in the present day.

What to Submit

What kind of material do you want to see in my submission?

Submissions may take the form of a pitch document, bible, outline, treatment or script. It is best to use one of these formats and avoid sending original source materials (books, feature screenplays, articles, etc.) or one line story ideas as we do not produce content in house and therefore, do not option original materials or purchase story ideas. Proposals should consider the schedule, audience, personality and priorities of the network.  

What should be included in my submission?

While there is no formal set of requirements on what should be included in a proposal, it is important to ensure that as much information as necessary is provided to portray a complete picture of your vision while keeping the volume of material to a minimum. Our scripted programming department reviews over 1,000 drama scripts and pitches every year, so shorter materials (three to five pages) are preferred. A short document allows us to evaluate as quickly as possible whether the concept and writing style is in line with our programming strategy, and whether it is a candidate for further discussion and consideration.

Submissions can include, but are not limited to:

  • A synopsis of the project, including setup, scenario, story engine and theme;

  • A sample scene to showcase storytelling ability and voice;

  • Character descriptions;

  • Sense of tone, style, look, and any setting considerations;

  • An idea of the audience it is targeting;

  • Possible episode ideas;

  • Opportunities for multi-platform content or companion pieces;

  • Bios and CVs of the Key Creative(s) presently attached, if any, including affiliated Canadian or foreign partners and the nature of their involvement.

Please be sure to include a fully executed Submission Release Form. We cannot review materials prior to the receipt of this executed release. 

CBC Submission Release Form
Materials will not be reviewed unless accompanied by a signed CBC Submission Release Form, downloadable here: Submission Release Form (PDF)

We will respond to all submissions within 68 weeks of receiving a signed CBC Submission Release Form. Please note that the Drama Department cannot return written materials, screeners, source material or any other elements you may submit. Please do not send your only copy.

All submissions should be emailed to: dramapitch@cbc.ca


At the CBC, inclusion and diversity are a priority. This means reflecting all of our regions and our country's multicultural and multiracial nature.

Please be advised that as part of our commitment to this priority, we have been and will continue to reach out to our business partners in programming production to ensure that a concerted and documented effort is made to represent Canada's diverse population wherever and whenever possible/feasible both on and off-camera.

As the national public broadcaster, we want to reflect all of Canada to our many diverse audiences.

Read more about our commitments here.

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