The Author as Fiction

Arnon Grunberg. Photograph by Ben kleyn.

Arnon Grunberg. Photograph by Ben kleyn.


In 1994, Dutch novelist Arnon Grunberg won the prize for best first novel in Holland. Six years later, using a different name, he won the same prize once again. He talks about various literary shenanigans with IDEAS host Paul Kennedy. (Recorded at Montreal's Blue Metropolis Literary Festival.)

Arnon Grunberg's first book was a somewhat swashbuckling account of his own young life as a high school dropout in the red light district of his home town in Amsterdam.  It was called Blue Mondays, and it won the prize for best first novel published in Holland in 1994.  Six years later, writing under the pseudonym Marek van der Jagt, he once again won the same prize for his novel The History of My Baldness.

Arnon Grunberg has consistently lived that kind of fantastic, almost "fictional" life.  In this interview recorded at the Blue Metropolis Literary Festival in Montreal, he begins by talking about his most recent book to be published in English, a novel called Tirza.

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