Rethinking Depression, Part 3

Photograph by Mary O'Connell

Photograph by Mary O'Connell


The World Health Organization says depression is set to become second only to heart disease as the world's leading disability by the year 2020. More recent research over the past decade tells us that antidepressants do not work very well, if at all, for mild or moderate depression. And in severe depression, antidepressants only work in a small number of cases.

So how can those who suffer from depression receive effective treatment and even possibly recover? In the third hour of Rethinking Depression, IDEAS producer Mary O'Connell brings us the stories of the depressed who are on the path to wellness and the methods that can be used to get them there.

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Participants in the program:
Dr. Sally Merry is an Associate Professor in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Auckland, New Zealand, Director of Werry Centre Research, headed a team to create SPARX, a computer fantasy game for adolescents with depression.

Roger Yaworski, executive director of Loyola House: Spiritual Retreat and Jesuit Training Centre, Guelph Ontario.

Sarah Elizabeth Brown,  peer advocate at Howie the Harp, a peer-run agency that provides employment resources to people with psychiatric disabilities, New York City.  Author of: The Nerve to be Raw, How I Ate My Way out of Multiple Sclerosis.

Julia Churchill, musician, actor, community arts, working through depression, Ottawa and Toronto.
Charles Barber, Director of The Connection Institute for Innovative Practice (dedicated to studying the narratives of people recovering from mental illness) and Lecturer in Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine, author of two books on mental illness, Comfortably Numb and Songs from the Black Chair, Connecticut.

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