When Families Start Talking, Part 2

Family Conversations: It all begins around the dining room table.  Photograph courtesy of Stephen Doyle.

Family Conversations: It all begins around the dining room table. Photograph courtesy of Stephen Doyle.


Even the best of families can run into trouble when grappling with the needs of aging parents, the demands of care-giving and the shifting dynamics between siblings over money and inheritance. Estates mediator Genevieve Chornenki looks at these hot button issues and explores if families can talk about them without wanting to kill each other.

Genevieve A. Chornenki is a dispute resolution practitioner who conducts estate mediation.

Series Participants

The Honourable David M. Brown, a judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Toronto Region, experienced in managing and deciding estates and incapacity litigation.

Samantha Caravan, an Anglican priest and the rector of St. John's Anglican Church West Toronto.

Resa Eisen, a social worker and mediator who provides mediation services focusing on families-in-transition.

Ian M. Hull, a founding partner of Hull and Hull LLP and a certified legal specialist in estates and trusts.

Cinnie Noble, a conflict management coach with a background in social work, conflict management and law. 

Jeanne Safer, a psychotherapist in private practice with an interest in "taboo topics" including sibling rivalry.

Andrea Schara, a family therapist with an interest and experience in family systems theory.

Personal Stories by:

"Donna": has first hand experience with family issues after the death of her mother.

Michael Lobraico has first hand experience in family business issues.

Janine MacDonald, has first hand experience as an Attorney for Personal Care.

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