The Measure of A Man

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JJ-Lee.jpgArmour. Identity. Stature. Brand. Broadcaster JJ Lee takes up a tape measure and shears and digs through the social history of the suit.

Some men wear suits every day. Others abandon them to gather dust in the back of closets.  Whether one wears them or not, suits evoke strong reactions.  If you're feeling oppressed, you can call your oppressor a suit.  And if you choose to take your oppressor head on you may want to get all suited up.

A suit can be a form of armour. Other times it's a form of confinement.  But what gives the suit its power? And what affect does it have on the men who wear it?

The Measure of a Man, by J.J. Lee is a 2012 nominee for the Charles Taylor Prize for Non-Fiction and a 2011 Governor General's Literary Award Finalist for Non-Fiction.  It is published by Mclelland and Stewart.

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