Legends of The Ahtahkakoop

These evocative stories from the Ahtahkakoop, a Plains Cree nation in central Saskatchewan, create a world where the buffalo once reigned supreme, animals protected each other, and the creator gave the world colour and life. Dramatized, cast and recorded in the community.

legends-ahtahkakoop-1.jpgCecilia Masuskapoe with grandson

Listen to Legends of the Ahtahkakoop

Legends from Ahtahkakoop, or Sandy Lake, Saskatchewan, is the 11th in the series that began in Iqaluit, Nunavut in 2002. Since then the Legends Production team has travelled to remote First Nations communities to dramatize First Nations' and Inuit stories; fascinating stories of creation, spirituality, myth, and legend. This is in part to help showcase the rich
cultural value of these ancient stories, before both tradition and language are lost to a dominant English culture.

This project shines a light on aboriginal culture and history in a way most Canadians have never seen. It gives pride to the First Nations of Canada and in so doing may help reduce the stigma that can lead to racism.

For this project we worked with dedicated leaders from the Ahtahkakoop Health Centre, elementary school teachers, elders and young people Despite the relatively small population (1500 live on the reserve) we had an unprecedented turn out for auditions, more than we had seen on any other project, From the drama workshop at the high school to open community auditions we heard more than 54 people read for a record-setting 24 parts. Every day we were visited by a constant flow of community members, happy to be an audience for the recordings.

Cree is a fascinating language, broken into 5 dialects and spoken in almost every province (and at least one territory). We were working with the "Y" dialect, or the Plains Cree. The Ideas production features only the English versions of these stories; a full Cree version will be available on CD.

With the assistance of our community team members, Belinda Nelson, Quinn Peekeekoot and Leona Peekeekoot, we were able to produce five stories into radio plays, four of which are included in this Ideas production. All were recorded on the Ahtahkakoop reserve during July 2010.

For more information on the full scope of the Legacy Project, please visit project web page.

Neil, Graycen, Dylayna and Marcy
Alexis with crew



Narrator - Kenny Peekeekoot

Child 1 - Brandon Hyman

Child 2 - Keyara Greyeyes

Child 3 - Kirsten Starblanket

Elder - Sedrick Starblanket

Creature - Tim Peekeekoot

Mother - Darlene Isbister

Father - Pete Knife

Son 1- Chris Benjamin

Son 2 - Ryan Benjamin

Daughter - Daryl Thomas


Narrator - Blanche Little

Old Man - Gerald Isbister

Old Woman - Maureen Ahenakew

Prairie Chicken - Chris Benjamin

Buffalo - Tim Peekeekoot

Eagle - Marcy Little


Narrator - Tim Peekeekoot

Eagle 1 - Pete Knife

Eagle 2 - Maureen Ahenakew

Eagle 3 - Marcy Little

Eagle 4 - Jordan Benjamin

Beaver - Gerald Isbister

Wolf - Sedrick Starblanket

Otter - Chris Benjamin


Narrator - Raymond Augustine Williams

Bull Buffalo - Tim Peekeekoot

Cow Buffalo - Lorette Peekeekoot

Buffalo "Child" - Neil Whitefish

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