How to Exact Revenge


Don't get mad, get even. This week on How To Do It: The Guide to Things You Hope You'll Never Need To Know, Sarah Treleaven and Josh Bloch learn how to exact revenge. They speak with author Thane Rosenbaum about how humans are hard-wired for revenge, and hear real-life stories of revenge from petty workplace frustration to an epic, moving story of filial vengeance. Plus, a field trip to The Forgiveness Project, where a group of young people is working to turn the instinct for anger and retaliation into something more positive.

Listen and find out if revenge is, indeed, a dish best served cold.

On this week's episode...

  • Natalie Zina Walschots talks about the power of fighting Beyonce with Beyonce.
  • Gregg Housh tells us how internet security firm HBGary learned the hard way that you don't mess with the "hacktivist" collective Anonymous.
  • Laura Blumenfeld shares the story of her quest for vengeance after her father is shot in the head.
  • At The Forgiveness Project, hip hop artist Sha La and gang member-turned-motivational speaker LaToya Rodney talk about breaking the cycle of retribution.
  • Thane Rosenbaum talks about why humans are hardwired for revenge.
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