How To Get Rid Of A Body


We kick-off season 2 of How To Do It exploring the difficult questions that can arise when we have to get rid of a body or its parts. We look at how the body of one of the alleged Boston Bombers got stuck in a refrigerator in Massachusetts because no one wanted to bury him, We hear the story of a man who wishes he was born without his legs. And we speak with a woman who works at the "Body Farm" -- a research centre in Tennessee that blew open the field of forensic science as one of the only places in the world where scientists carefully study how bodies decompose.

On this week's episode: 

  • Martha Mullen and Safwat Ahmad on how they helped bury alleged Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev 
  • Mark Comer shares his story about living with a condition where he wishes he didn't have legs
  • We interview Joanna Hughes about her work on "The Body Farm" where scientists study how bodies decompose 
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