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Longevity: High-intensity interval training for aging and unfit people

Its a fitness promise that sounds too good to be true: you exercise just a few minutes a week, and reap the health benefits of much longer workouts. It's called high-intensity interval training. Many older and unfit adults are wondering if this all-out approach is just a heart attack waiting to happen. For a look at new research on the effectiveness and safety of so-called HIIT training, Doug Dirks was joined by longevity columnist Sharon Basaraba.


Longevity: The Health Benefits of Coffee

If you're like many Canadians, coffee is the fuel that charges you up in the morning, and keeps you running all day long. But some people worry they should swap-out coffee for a healthier hot drink, like tea. Our longevity columnist Sharon Basaraba says not to worry. Based on a number of recent studies, you can have your cup of joe with a clear conscience. She joined Doug Dirks in studio.