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Hallway Interview with Aloe Blacc

aloeblacc 002.jpgMusician Aloe Blacc is in town for a show, and he stopped by the Homerun studio.

Homerun Web journalist Tanya Birkbeck sat down with him for a "Hallway Interview."

Starting today, you can purchase songs by The Beatles on iTunes. What song will you download first?

"You Never Give Me Your Money." It's a really nice ballad that changes to almost like a show tune and then to a rock song. It's like two songs in one. Paul wanted to do lighter songs and John wanted to do serious issues. This is how they put it together.

Today the British Monarchy announced that Prince William is engaged to his long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton. Do you follow the British royals?

I don't follow it, but good for him. I think he's a solid young kid.

Today in the news, we're hearing that there's been a 40 per cent jump in the number of people going to food banks in Quebec. Does that relate to issues you write about in your music?

Yeah, on the way over here to the studio we passed by the Old Brewery Mission. It's time for a new awareness of compassion in this system of capitalism. We need to focus on using our resources more wisely.

With the financial crisis in the United States, is this something you see in California where you live?

Not too far from where I live there is this area called "skid row". It's depicted in a movie called "The Soloist". It's where a lot of L.A.'s homeless people live. The majority are from a home for people with mental health issues, but there is no more money for the home. But we have to ask, why is there no more money for these homes? There needs to be more compassion.

This week on Homerun we are talking about bullying because it is Bullying Awareness Week. Did you have an experience with bullying when you were a kid? 

I had the unique experience of being the popular kid at school, so I didn't experience it directly, but I did have the experience of helping other kids who were being bullied.

What message would you have for young people who are going through that?

I think the message that I would have for kids would be to tell someone. Make sure adults are aware of what is happening. They can help modify children's behaviour. There is no class on self esteem. There should be a better system. The bully kids have low self esteem and they are causing the victims to have low self esteem. Most kids that bully are probably not receiving the kind of attention they need at home.

Listen to his conversation with Sue

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