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World leaders and good hair with Stephan Moccio

moccio 003.jpgHe's one of the world's most successful contemporary composers. Stephan Moccio wrote the "I Believe" song for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, and Celine Dion's hit "A New Day Has Come".

Moccio stopped by our studio, charmed all the ladies on both sides of the glass, and then swept off to the launch of his new album "Colors" at the Opus Hotel.

Our Web journalist Tanya Birkbeck spoke to him in a "hallway interview".

Today we are talking about the idea of naming a street or public place after Mordecai Richler. If you could have any street or public place named after you, what would you want it to be?

A conservatory.

What's your favourite conservatory?

It's in Toronto. Can I say that here?


Right now, some artists groups are asking the federal government to add a tax to the sale of iPods to make up for revenue that's lost by music sharing. What do you think of that idea?

Don't even get me started. I think it's difficult to make a living, and I'm supposedly one of the top earners. I would take any tax. I could write a book about that.

Do you own an iPod?

Many. About 11.

What are you listening to when you aren't working?

An eclectic mix. Kanye West, Chopin, Debussy, my own music (that's because I'm in a compositional mode. It's not out of vanity), Myles Davis.

Have you been following the U.S. midterm elections?

No. I just don't have time. But I have met Barack Obama.

Oh, yeah, when was that?

When we were hosting the G20 meetings.

Who else did you meet?

Sarkozy. The women were swooning over him.

What did you think of Obama?  

Obama, he was just a kind soul, he and Michelle. And Silvio Berlusconi. I won't say ...

Come on...

Let's just say he's a bon vivant.

Everyone in the control room agrees you have great hair. Where do you get it done?

Taz Hair Salon (Yorkville Avenue in Toronto) with Daniel Naumovski. I don't trust anyone else.

[Moccio shows me his iPhone for the spelling of the stylist's name. His last appointment, 26-10-10 comes up on the screen]

How often do you go?

I like to keep it maintained. Every three and a half weeks or so.

Where do you like to go shopping in Montreal?

Holt Renfrew. But I haven't really been shopping much lately. I have a good relationship with Armani who dresses me, and Don Lee in Toronto.

Friday night. No work. What will you be doing?

Just at home with my wife and daughter. I don't get enough face to face time with my family.