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Matt Costa's 12 hours in Montreal

mattcosta 002.jpgMatt Costa stopped by our studio, taking fully one-sixth of his entire time in Montreal.

The California-based recording artist is playing a show at Le National.

Homerun Web journalist Tanya Birkbeck spoke to him in the hallway outside of the studio.

Today on the show we are talking about Movember, a month-long fundraiser to raise money for prostate cancer research. Looks like you have a moustache...

That's maybe make up from last night. But I do have sideburns.

But what do you think about mustaches, in general?

They are a sorry excuse for a beard. No, no.. actually, I don't mind moustaches. My dad had one when I was growing up. I had one once, but I had to shave it off cuz I went to a showand I felt too much like my dad.

Another thing we are talking about today is the death of some young people who were doing graffiti near a train track. I know you were really into skateboarding when you were young. Did you ever come into contact with the graffiti or tagging culture?

Yeah, I was working with RVCA, it's a clothing band that's really supportive musicians. We were doing some travelling in the states and we did collaborative shows with graffiti artists.

How was your music influenced by the skateboarding culture?

The thing I really like about skateboarding is that it brings different people together. Everyone is different but they have skateboarding in common. It was through skateboarding that I got turned on to hip hop, things like the Pixies, Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, even things from the sixties. The first time I heard a Donovan song was in a skateboarding video.

When you were making your last album, you say on your Web site that you were inspired by your favourite objects. What are your favourite objects right now?

My record collection, my postcard collection, my musical instruments and my dog Ivory. She's a Boglen Terrier.

How long have you been in Montreal?

Just a couple of hours.

What have you seen so far?

We walked from the venue (Editors note: Le National is one block from the CBC/Maison Radio Canada. The "we" refers to Matt and his wife, who is traveling with him). So we've seen two older men having a conversation. I couldn't understand them. We saw a woman walking her dog. We saw a feral cat. We had something to eat at the CBC cafeteria, and I got to practice my French.

Okay, so not much. What do you want to see while you are here?

We're leaving after the show this evening. We just like walking around. We hope to be able to do that.