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June 2014 Archives

Seeking: Video games featuring women

creed.jpgVideo game maker and player Charlotte Fisher tells Homerun's Sue Smith that she wishes the video game industry was more gender inclusive. She is unhappy that Ubisoft's Assasin's Creed Unity doesn't allow you to play as a woman character.


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Astronaut David Saint-Jacques rallying next generation of space explorers

photo (2).JPGCanadian Space Agency astronaut David Saint-Jacques visited students on Montreal's South Shore today. He told them working as an astronaut is a beautiful experience because it allows him to collaborate with people around the world.
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Paralympic gold medalist Benoit St-Amand honoured by Denis Coderre

AMAND EDIT.jpgParalympian Benoit St-Amand overcame cancer to win Paralympic gold. He speaks with Homerun's Sue Smith about being honoured by Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre and about how more resources for the sport will encourage the next generation of sledge hockey players in Quebec.

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'Mystery drinkers' to monitor extended bar hours

CBC.jpgThe city of Montreal launches a pilot project this week to extend the opening hours of some downtown bars until 6 a.m. Homerun's Sue Smith speaks with Hubert Sacy, director of Educ-Alcool about his plan to monitor the project using 'mystery drinkers.'

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Study shows Canadians dramatically downplay alcohol consumption

alcohol-bottles-istock.jpgA new study from the Centre for Addictions Research of British-Colombia show Canadians consume far more alcohol than they admit. Homerun's Sue Smith speaks with the study's lead author Dr. Tim Stockwell.
(Photo Pawel Dwulit/Canadian Press)


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The Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission visits Concordia University

murray-sinclair.jpeg"We're encouraging education ministers across the country to try to correct the way that children are educated" says Justice Murray Sinclair about wanting more aboriginal history in Canadian schools. Sinclair speaks to Homerun's Sue Smith about a workshop he's leading at Concordia University.


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Montrealer wins silver medal in international piano competition

IMG_1445.JPG"My hands didn't quite follow me one hundred percent of the time," says Charles Richard-Hamelin. 
Homerun's Sue Smith speaks with pianist Charles Richard-Hamelin after taking home second at the Montreal International Musical Competition.
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New transgender camp in Quebec

Transg.jpgFor the first time in Quebec, transgender, intersex and gender creative kids have their own summer camp. Homerun's Sue Smith speaks with vice-president of Gender Creative Kids Canada Annie Pullen Sansfaçon and camp co-ordinator Sophie Labelle. 

(Photo courtesy Gender Creative Kids Canada)

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Storm forces evacuation at McGill convocation

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for DSC_0307.JPGThousands of students, parents and staff streamed out of the convocation tent on McGill University's campus as strong winds and rain threatened the stability of the tent. Homerun's Sue Smith speaks with McGill student Sean Coleman.

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Parking tickets handed out as bus lane opens on Sherbrooke

About a dozen cars were ticketed this afternoon for parking in the newly opened STM bus and taxi lane on Sherbrooke Street West. Sue Smith speaks with Marvin Rotrand, City Councillor for Snowdon in Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce and vice-chair of the STM board.


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Electric vehicles go further with new aluminum-air battery

63ecb420-e803-11e3-99e5-12313d239d6c-large.pngA new battery that runs on aluminium, water and air will help electric vehicles go further between charges. Homerun's Sue Smith speaks with CEO and founder of clean tech company Phinergy, Aviv Tzidon about the new battery developed by Alcoa and Phinergy. (Photo Alcoa)

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