Crossword Puzzle #9
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CANADA: A People's History Crosswords
"From Sea to Sea" (Episode #9)

by Kelly Ann Buchanan

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1. * Rebel of Red River
5. * A number of the Board of Directors of the #32D were from the what, for short?
8. Liturgical vestments
12. Norwegian capital
13. Festival of the Trumpets, with "Hashanah"
15. * Type of Engines used by the #32D
17. Mr. Trebek
18. * For several days during the Summer of Scandal (See #69A for a Related Clue), Prime Minister John A. Macdonald could not be found. As a result, the Toronto newspaper "The Globe" reported on the rumour that he had killed himself by leaping from a pier at Rivière ___ (2 words).
20. Tombstone epitaph, with "Jacet"
21. Gun the engine
22. * The imminent expiry of its trading monopoly and pressure from Britain led the Hudson's Bay Company to sell ___ (2 words) to the Government of Canada for $1.5 million, on March 9th, 1869
24. * It's when George McMullen, one of the American investors of the #32D, visited Prime Minister Macdonald's office to threaten to make public documents which showed Hugh Allan had paid money to the Conservative Party: New Year's ___, 1872 (See #69A for a Related Clue)
26. Stiff bristle
27. Keen on
28. * Canada's first victim of political assassination, D'arcy McGee, was murdered on April 7th, 1868 by gun shots to the head. Police suspected James Patrick Whelan (who declared his innocence). The police believed he was a member of the ___ Brotherhood which regarded McGee as a traitor because he opposed their quest to secure Irish independence from Britain by way of a revolution.
31. The 17th letter of the Hebrew alphabet
32. Guitar string tightener
33. Conjunction
34. Lightbulb Inventor, minus the "on"
36. Sports org.
38. Container for a Chick
40. Tear
42. Locale in a hosp.
43. Dry, as wine
44. Hospital stat.
45. Golf prop
46. One who excels, minus the "Kee"
47. Mr. Kazan
49. He (Initials) became the Premier of New Brunswick, in 1999
50. Food Flavourer, for short
52. Chatty, minus the "cal"
54. * In September of 1872, ___ (2 words) Sir George-Étienne Cartier arrived in London to see a specialist to treat his Bright's Disease, only to die just a few months later on May 20th, 1873 (See #1D for a Related Clue)
56. * It was needed to carry out the execution of Thomas Scott, for short (See #35D for a Related Clue)
58. "Alone" in French
60. Character on "The Addams Family" (TV)
61. * In Ottawa, in 1870, a ___ was offered as an inducement for the future prov. to join Confederation (3 words, See #32D for a Related Clue)
64. Oolong
67. Mr. Ocasek
68. * In 1872, he became the second Premier of Canada's new western Province: ___ Cosmos (2 words, See #61A for a Related Clue)
69. * After the Pacific Scandal broke out in the Summer of 1873 (Hugh Allan, who received the contract to build the #61A, had contributed thousands of dollars to the Conservative Party's election fund), Prime Minister Macdonald finally said this to members of his cabinet: "I suppose I shall have to go to Rideau ___ and hand in your resignations."
70. Alphabet sequence (Ending to Beginning)
72. Fabrics on Floors
73. Pinnacle
74. Prefix that means "Within"
75. Hair accessory
76. Boxing stats


1. * After Sir George-Étienne Cartier's death in 1873, Prime Minister Macdonald said his longtime cohort was " bold as a lion." QUESTION: What do lions do?
2. * Prince Edward Island, the locale of the Charlottetown Conference, was once known by this name, to the French: ___ #11D Jean
3. * #1A was the oldest in a family of how many children?
4. Smoked Salmon
5. Literary language of Pakistan
6. Menu items
7. Napping
8. Cleopatra's Cobras
9. Military rank, with "Col."
10. * Upon learning of the death mentioned at #35D, some of Canada's citizenry wanted #1A to ___ in retaliation (2 words)
11. * With #2D
14. * Sir George-Étienne Cartier had a wife named ___ and a mistress named Luce. But, sharing the same man was not all they had in common as both grew to be stern-looking women who wore similar black dresses.
16. * In 1869, he was nominated as the first Lieutenant Governor of Red River
19. Ms. Hagen
22. * When he once went missing (See #18A for a Related Clue) a junior Minister searched for Sir John A. Macdonald, and eventually found him in bed, ___ a novel
23. Tell a Tale
25. Compete
28. * Fearful that the Canadian government would trample on Métis rights (See #22A for a Related Clue), #1A led a group of 120 men (on November 2nd, 1869) to seize it (which was the administrative centre of the Red River area) from William Mactavish, the Governor of Assiniboia (2 words)
29. Great Lake
30. Pleasant
32. * Sir Hugh Allan (b.1810 - d.1882) was the President of the CPR. QUESTION: What does the "P" stand for? (See #69A for a Related Clue)
35. * Thomas Scott, an Ontario ___, was among those who planned to overthrow the provisional government set up by #1A at #28D, but he was captured by #1A's men, imprisoned and found guilty of insubordination. Then, on the 4th of March, 1870, he was executed by firing squad.
37. Mr. Lugosi
39. Certain desert
41. * Eustache Prud'Homme (#1A's classmate at the College de Montréal) said that #1A told tales of the Prairies and "...knew about ___ and the tomahawk."
48. Painter's output
51. The Sun
53. * To avoid being captured, #1A needed to ___ the authorities (See #10D for a Related Clue)
55. * In addition to Thomas Scott, a growing number of Ontario settlers wanted to ___ the Métis who occupied #28D (See #35D for a Related Clue)
57. Corn
58. Mr. Record Man
59. Rustic inn
62. Town in Texas
63. Most Magnificent
65. Ticklish Toy
66. Pub servings
69. Beaver or Bowler
71. Canadian musician Robbie Robertson toured with this legendary musician (Initials) with his band called The Band


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