Crossword Puzzle #17
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CANADA: A People's History Crosswords
"In an Uncertain World" (Episode #17)

by Kelly Ann Buchanan

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1. * CONSTITUTION ACT - Queen Elizabeth's proclamation of it on April 17th, 1982 meant Canada no longer needed the approval of Great ___ to make changes to the Constitution (See #14A, #21A, #31A, #73A, #75A, #77A, #29D, #35D, #39D, #53D and #63D for Related Clues)
8. * Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau said it: "My name is a Québec name. But my name is a Canadian name ___..."
12. * On the issue of #20A, Liberal opposition leader John Turner said this during the Federal Election of 1988: "I'm not going to let Brian ___ destroy the Canadian dream, and that's why this election is more than an election, it's your future."
14. * Canadian women had always had a ___ rights (2 words), but they would have many more of them as a result of #75A
17. Trickery
18. Neck connectee (bkwds.)
20. * Free Follower
21. * Lawyer who was hired to prepare a legal case for the strong acknowledgment of women's rights in the new Canadian Charter of Rights: Mary ___ (See #75A for a Related Clue)
23. What the Athlete-in-Training said: "With great ___ was just able to swim five laps in the pool." (2 words)
24. Fallers to the Forests Floors, minus the "rns"
27. * How things in #78A were looking before the boom went bust
28. Name for a Pope, without the "P"
30. School orgs.
31. * "THE NIGHT of LONG KNIVES": Château ___ (It's where all the Premiers stayed in Ottawa ...except for René Lévesque who spent the night across the river in Hull)
34. (9591) "___-neB": eivom notseH kcuhC
36. Picnic Blanket bug
37. Song for a Soloist
38. Country of Africa, without the "ibia"
40. Former capital of West Germany
42. * In '90, the ___ (2 words) was reviewed because a new cadet, Baltej Singh Dhillon, was also a devout Sikh who wanted to be able to continue wearing his turban because of religious duty
46. Heard at the Bakery: "Hi, I'd like to buy ___." (2 words)
47. Bug egg
48. Part in a Play
50. * Fortify (See #11D for a Related Clue)
52. Man's title in Spain: _-e-_-o-_
54. * The deal at #20A coming into effect on January 1st, 1989 meant that most imports and exports between Canada and the United States would no longer be hindered by these
56. "___ eht duB": cissalc sronnoC moT 'nipmotS
58. Foot part
60. * How 60 percent of Québecers voted on the issue of Sovereignty-Association (See #8A, #64A, #6D, #24D and #26D for Related Clues)
61. Frying stuff
62. Collins and Crawford (bkwds.)
64. * Lise Payette, the Cabinet Minister for the Parti Québécois, considered any woman who didn't support Sovereignty-Association a what?
67. What the Morning Commuter thought: "If ___ things correctly, taking the train should get me to work faster than driving." (2 words)
68. Traditional garment
69. Short letter
73. * (sdrow 2) thgiE ___ :sreimerP laicnivorp naidanaC of ecnaillA
75. * The ___ of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (It was crucial for the advancement of the rights of women to guarantee their full equality in the Constitution --and therefore in Canada)
77. * Number of Premiers who eventually signed a deal that enabled Canada to bring home its Constitution
78. * Oil boom province


1. * A multi-millionaire from #78A might have been driving around in a car that had these posh letters on it
2. Wrecks, without the "ns"
3. Word with Informed
4. * Symbol of the forestry industry (What #78A diversified into with the royalty revenues from gas and oil sales)
5. Vestment of Vietnam: ___ Dai
6. * Supporters of Parti Québécois leader René Lévesque worked hard to deliver the message to Referendum voters that an ___ Québec would prosper
7. Close at hand
8. Mr. Waxman
9. * ___ 1980s (Period when the diversification at #4D took place)
10. Remnant
11. * It made historic headlines in the Summer of 1990
13. Hairy-Humanoid
15. Pondered by a Poet: "Why was this ___ easy one to write whilst all the others were so difficult?" (2 words)
16. Spunky, minus the "y"
19. * ___ dlog yad-nredom A: A87# ni moob eht ekiL
22. * During #78A's booming times, players in the oil industry wanted to have corporate airplanes in addition to occupying these (which had to be big, of course): _-_-_-l-d-i-n-g-s
24. * Referendum Day - May 20th, 1980: After the votes were tallied, René Lévesque addressed an emotional crowd at Montréal's Paul Sauvé Arena. He would end his speech with this message: "___ prochaine." (2 words)
25. Canadian painter from Victoria
26. * In Québec, provincial Liberal leader Claude Ryan was an opponent of the what? (2 words)
29. * The #73A opposed Prime Minister Trudeau's wish to have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms (which would protect Canadians from unfair government action) included in the Constitution because they felt it would diminish their influence. Then, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that a ___ number of them had to agree with the federal government before it could bring home the Constitution.
32. Incline
33. Seldom, without the "ely"
35. * What #21A said: "The ad ___ committee was possibly one of the most important things to happen for the equality of Canadian women in the last fifteen or twenty years confirmed that the Constitution was a people's instrument."
39. * SECTION 28: The 'Equality Clause' in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the Constitution meant that all ___ and women would be considered as equals
41. Certain metallic element (bkwds.)
43. Detectives, for short
44. Command for Fido
45. Asked in the North Pole: "Is that ___ new worker here? I haven't seen him around before." (2 words)
49. "East" in French
50. * Advice for a House Hunter looking through the Classifieds of The Calgary Herald during the Bust Times in #78A: "Don't even bother lookin' at the ___ they don't say all the furniture and even the car in the garage is included in the price." (2 words)
51. * At the height of the boom, Maritimers and Ontarians would ___ #78A in search of high-paying jobs (2 words)
53. * McMurtry (who was the Attorney General of Ontario) and Romanow (who was the Attorney General of Saskatchewan)
55. Decay
57. Prefix that means "Sleep"
59. Mr. Foley (bkwds.)
63. * Mr. Chrétien [Before becoming Prime Minister himself, he was the Minister of Justice in Prime Minister Trudeau's cabinet who, with two provincial attorney generals (at #53D), locked in a final agreement regarding patriation of the Constitution]
65. Mercurial, minus the "tic"
66. Cooking Style, without the "Al d"
70. Brazilian city (bkwds.)
71. Explosive palindrome
72. Historic Period ...but backwards?
74. Letters on a Lightbulb
76. * WHAT CANADA IS! _-a-_-u-l-o-u-s!


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