Crossword Puzzle #15
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CANADA: A People's History Crosswords
"Comfort and Fear" (Episode #15)

by Kelly Ann Buchanan

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1. * Witchhunt huntees during the McCarthy era
5. Fish of the North Atlantic
8. Leg part
12. Stringed instrument (bkwds.)
14. Sixties dancer
15. Office note
16. (sdrow 2) ___ syaD = semit tsaP
17. Jodie Foster movie (bkwds.)
18. Wing-shaped
19. * What #67A said: "...but neither did I feel like an __-___ until that moment."
23. * Sailors on Queen Elizabeth's royal yacht, the Britannia
24. Not well
25. American tycoon-turned-recluse (Initials)
26. "Badly" in French
29. Canadian football trophy: Gr__ Cup
30. Passenger rail company (bkwds.)
32. Mr. Fields
34. Author of "Horton Hears a Who!": Dr. _-_-U-_-_
36. Instinctive motive
37. Ms. O'Neill Chaplin
39. Said amongst Tennis Players: "She once ranked high enough to play ___ Maurier's tennis tournament." (2 words)
40. Car part
41. Alright
42. Real
43. Potato Skin taker-offer, without the "Pe"
44. Mr. Beatty, and others (bkwds.)
45. One resembles a diamond in jewellery (Acronym)
46. Mr. Aykroyd
47. In the location of
48. Grass roll
50. "Yummy!"
52. The 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet
54. Visionary
56. * John Diefenbaker (See #22D for a Related Clue) announced Canada would keep them (2 words), but without their nuclear warheads (See #5D for a Related Clue)
62. Appliance in the kitchen
63. Angels have them, without the "H"
64. "Lola" is their hit, with The
66. Ms. Sorvino
67. * Mr. Lévesque [He helped lead the #44D at Radio-Canada --then, when it was over after 68 days, he made the statement (which appears partially) at #19A]
68. * In 1957, his first tour outside of the United States brought him to Ottawa (And, his Canadian fans went wild!)
69. Church ringer
70. Canadian interjections
71. Use a keyboard


1. "Gnarly!"
2. Ms. Fitzgerald
3. River into the Firth of Clyde
4. Separate with a Sieve
5. * They reached a pinnacle in October of 1962 when the Soviets aimed missiles at North America, by way of Cuba (3 words)
6. Certain arch
7. * In 1954, the first planned suburb in Canada was constructed, and it was named after the what? (2 words)
8. * On March 31st, 1949 when Newfoundland became Canada's tenth province, he became the new province's first Premier
9. Prefix to "copter"
10. Q. "How do you make these yummy potatoes?" A. "Well, ___ them, add milk and butter, and they're done!" (2 words)
11. * Fifty-six of the #56A were to be deployed to La Macaza, Québec and ___, Ontario (2 words)
13. * Thérèse Casgrain was the national president of an anti-nuclear organization that ensured those of women would be heard (See #5D for a Related Clue)
14. Happiness
20. Use a pan
21. Mr. Waxman
22. * Title for John Diefenbaker that Lester B. Pearson would later assume (Acronym)
27. Someone who Studies the Stars, smallily
28. * In 1947, a major oil field was discovered in a farmer's field near this Alberta town
31. * Mr. Gouzenko (In 1945, he touched off the political crisis about a spy ring in Canada)
33. * Pops of American pop culture that Canadian teens loved to drink (See #51D and #68A for Related Clues)
35. * Lester B. Pearson won the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in the crisis involving the ___ (2 words)
36. s-e-t-t-e-_-_-_-_ :maeT-llabtooF-LFC
38. Quickly = In a ___ second
39. * Classified material stolen by #31D from the Soviet Embassy in Canada revealed that the Soviets were trying to get information on technology in North America such as the what? (2 words)
40. * Premier Tommy Douglas introduced it in Saskatchewan (See #44D for a Related Clue)
44. * Doctors in Saskatchewan were on it, in 1962. Asbestos miners were on it, in 1949. Producers of Radio-Canada were on it, in 1959.
47. Bronze Roman money
49. * "We have left behind the ___ status. We are free men in charge of our own lives. It is good to greet each new morning as individuals, ordinary human beings." - George Lukk, an Estonian refugee who came to Canada, in 1948
51. * Hollywood export that Canadians loved
53. 60 min.
55. "Fin" Finisher
57. Mr. Haggard, minus the "e"
58. * Part of the Britannia (bkwds.)
59. Happy tune
60. Grudging admiration
61. Jump rope
65. Compass direction


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