Crossword Puzzle #1
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CANADA: A People's History Crosswords
"When the World Began" (Episode #1)

by Kelly Ann Buchanan

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1. * Agouhanna was the Iroquoian leader of this settlement at the present site of Montréal
9. * The First Peoples desired it in trade with the Europeans
14. Spenser heroine
15. * The Nuu'chah'nulth of the West Coast hand-carved them (2 words)
17. California wine valley
19. Heard in a Herd
20. Sequence, partially
21. * Explorer of the New Found Land (2 words)
27. Speech Stopper
28. Ordered pizza
29. Container for Cleaning
31. Of the ear
32. * First Europeans to visit Canada
35. * Occupation of John Jewitt who was one of two surviving crewmen aboard the trading ship called the Boston
38. Collection of sayings
39. * First Peoples tribe member of the Plains, en Français: Pied-___
40. Conjunctions in Cannes
41. Cover with Cellophane
42. * A flag was unfurled for this country (for short) by #21A in the New Found Land
43. * It (2 words) set sail from Bristol on May 2nd, 1497 and was navigated by #21A en route to a Passage to the Orient (Or so he thought!)
47. * First Peoples of Labrador wiped out by the Europeans
49. Chris and Stephen
51. "Gnarly!"
52. Humanity's great discovery
54. * "Gold" in Gaspé
55. * Canada's first peoples arrived by crossing an ancient land bridge called Beringia that connected Asia to the New World (It appeared during this period --2 words)
59. Pub Potable
60. Row, Row, Row your boat with this
61. Noticed
62. * The ancient Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, for example (2 words)
68. Fun part of house: ___ Room
69. * New King at Stadacona
70. * The Cod in the New Found Land (that #21A described as being so plentiful they could be caught with a basket lowered over the side of a ship) is known as this in #42A


1. * In 1536, Richard Hore organized an ill-fated British voyage to the New World. Upon arrival to the New Found Land, his crew had troubles hunting and finding food so some of them soon resorted to cannibalism when they were overcome with this.
2. Area on "": ___ Guide
3. Top Mafioso
4. He (Initials) sang "Veronica"
5. Corbusier the Architect
6. Promo in a Paper
7. Street urchin
8. Heard in Mythology Class: "Is the mythical bird of prey known as ___?" (2 words)
9. Pa's Partner
10. It follows Em
11. Sound from a Small Ship
12. Bubbly Bar
13. Lennon's unintended acronym
16. * The Nuu'chah'nulth were skilled craftsmen who could make a 40-foot long hunting vessel which would be planed and burned to a smooth finish. They would also elaborately ___ with ochre for decoration. (2 words)
18. Incarnation of a Hindu Deity
22. "Fan" Finisher
23. * EARLY ENCOUNTERS: Jacques Cartier and Donnacona's sons: "We dressed up his two sons in shirts and ribbons and in red caps, and put a little brass chain around the ___ of each, at which they were greatly pleased."
24. Atomic #28
25. It'll turn "ara" into a City of Uzbekistan
26. Mr. Wan Kenobi
30. Urgent letters
31. Puny prefix to "poly"
32. * During the time of Jacques Cartier, visitors didn't need one to enter Kanata
33. Strait near Greenland
34. Wear away
35. * Material used by the Inuit in the north for tools and weapons
36. * Directive to #21A from King Henry VII: "___ out, discover and find whatsoever isles, countries, regions or provinces of heathens and infidels... in what part of the world soever they be, which before this time have beene unknowen to all Christians."
37. Television show production co.
39. Bird Beaks
41. * They were critical to the survival of the early West Coast culture
43. Certain Cuisine
44. * Explorer who lost his life while searching for the Northwest Passage to the Orient
45. * Ancient symbol of unity for the Five Nations of the Iroquois: ___ of Peace
46. * John Jewitt's wife Eu-stoch-ee-exqua was just a ___ when he married her in 1804
48. "Three" in Tuscany
50. * Chief Donnacona's sons Dom Agaya and Taignoagny spoke it with Jacques Cartier
52. Not the best
53. He (Initials) sang "Taxi"
54. Certain Curves
55. Blocker in the Bathroom
56. Nighttime host
57. Price Providers
58. Daring prefix to "alist"
59. "Gotcha!"
63. Graceland is here, for short
64. Locale of Des Moines on an env.
65. In Greek Mythology, she was turned into a white heifer
66. Initials of Nicole Kidman's hubby
67. Initials of an Aunt of Maria Shriver


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