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Teacher Resources: Grades 10-12
Download Sheets and Backgrounders

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Please note that in order to view all the Download Sheets on this page, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free and can be downloaded from the Adobe website. (External links open in a new window.)

Lesson Plan Download Sheets, Year One
Lesson Download Sheet Title Subject
Lesson 1 Download Sheet 1 Beothuk Quotations
Lesson 3 Download Sheet 2 Oral History and the Archeological Record
Lesson 4 Download Sheet 3 Map of Newfoundland
Lesson 4 Download Sheet 4 Newfoundland Quotations
Lesson 6 Download Sheet 5 Francis Parkman Quotation
Lesson 11 Download Sheet 6 Pontiac Quotation
Lesson 14 Download Sheet 7 World Map
Lesson 14 Download Sheet 8 Map of North America
Lesson 14 Download Sheet 9 Loyalist Quotations
Lesson 15 Download Sheet 10 Map of Canada
Lesson 16 Download Sheet 11 Daniel Harmon Quotations
Lesson Plan Download Sheets, Year Two
Lesson Download Sheet Title Subject
Lesson 28 Download Sheet 12 Louis Riel Questions
Lesson 34 Download Sheet 13 Winnipeg General Strike Questions
Lesson 36 Download Sheet 14 Quotations about Communism
Lesson 38 (Link to Citations) Dieppe Citations
Lesson 42 Download Sheet 15 Asbestos Strike Quotations
Lesson 43
& Lesson 49
Download Sheet 16 Editorial Cartoon Interpretation
Lesson 46 Download Sheet 17 Aboriginal Rights Quotations
Depth Perception Download Sheets
Topic Download Sheet Title Subject
Introduction Download Sheet 18 General Questions for Discussion
Lesson 1 Download Sheet 19 Interpretive Viewing
Lesson 2 Download Sheet 20 Elements of a Critique
Lesson 2 Download Sheet 21 Questions to Ask When Writing a Critique
Lesson 4 Download Sheet 22 Thesis Statements
Further Activities Download Sheet 23 Web Site Analysis
General Assessment Rubrics
Topic Download Sheet Title
Debate Sheet Assessment Download Sheet 1
Group Presentation Assessment Download Sheet 2
Oral Presentation Assessment Download Sheet 3
Reflecting on What You Have Seen Assessment Download Sheet 4
Written Presentation Assessment Download Sheet 5
Media Critique Assessment Download Sheet 6
Media Presentation Assessment Download Sheet 7
Downloadable MARC Records
MARC Records Read file online Download file
Right click your mouse onto icon and save file onto your computer's hard drive.
(File is in .cp format.)
Ep. 1 - When the World Began... Read Download
Ep. 2 - Adventurers and Mystics Read Download
Ep. 3 - Claiming the Wilderness Read Download
Ep. 4 - Battle for a Continent Read Download
Ep. 5 - A Question of Loyalties Read Download
Ep. 6 - The Pathfinders Read Download
Ep. 7 - Rebellion and Reform Read Download
Ep. 8 - The Great Enterprise Read Download
Ep. 9 - From Sea to Sea Read Download
Ep. 10 - Taking the West Read Download
Ep. 11 - The Great Transformation Read Download
Ep. 12 - Ordeal by Fire Read Download
Ep. 13 - Hard Times Read Download
Ep. 14 - The Crucible Read Download
Ep. 15 - Comfort and Fear Read Download
Ep. 16 - Years of Hope and Anger Read Download
Ep. 17 - In an Uncertain World Read Download
Grades 10-12 Teacher Resource Package Read Download
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