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The Red River Resistance
(includes activity)
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LESSON 24: The Red River Resistance
(includes activity)

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This lesson corresponds to material found in:
Episode 9 From Sea to Sea

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Backgrounder and Activity

This activity focuses on the three chapters from Episode 9 entitled War Is Upon Us, A Single Act of Severity and Tie the Oceans Together.


In 1869, Canada decided to expand its territory westward. The young country acquired the Northwest Territory, which belonged to the Hudson's Bay Company at the time. The implications of this transaction worried the region's inhabitants, who were mostly Métis. Most Métis lived in the Red River colony, near present-day Winnipeg. They formed an ad hoc government presided over by Louis Riel, a 24-year-old Métis. In 1870, Riel negotiated the entry of a new province into Confederation - Manitoba - which would be bilingual. Riel, was forced into exile in the United States when Canada sent troops into Manitoba to terminate his government.

Activity: Political Cartoon

Challenge students to create a political cartoon illustrating one of the following:

  • William McDougall's proclamation of the takeover of Hudson's Bay Company lands by Canada
  • The court of the Provisional Government condemning Thomas Scott
  • Macdonald condemning Riel publicly while quietly paying him to leave Canada
  • Wolseley's takeover of the Red River settlements

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