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The First Peoples
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LESSON 1: The First Peoples

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This lesson corresponds to material found in:
Episode 1 When the World Began...

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Episode 1: When the World Began...

Activity: The First Peoples

Video Excerpt

This activity focuses on the chapter of Episodes 1 entitled "Origins".

Retelling the Stories

From the information provided in this segment of the video, have students use the following "clues" to create two stories about the arrival of the Aboriginal peoples in the Americas, one based on the Aboriginal oral tradition, and the other on the archaeological record.

In the oral tradition, have students use one of the concepts of:

  • the giant turtle
  • the raven
  • the mud people
  • the trek across water

From the archaeological record, have students use one of the theories of:

  • the ice age
  • the land bridge
  • the caribou

Have students present their two stories to the class. Ask:

  • How are these stories different? How are they similar?
  • What kinds of answers does each story provide to the question of the origins of the first peoples of the Americas?

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