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Behind the Scenes
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Behind The Scenes

Canada: A People's History traces Canada's evolving history, from early native populations more than 15,000 years ago to life at the end of the 20th century - as told by people who lived it.

The production, a joint work by the CBC and Radio-Canada, is the result of years of work by a team of journalists, researchers, historians, actors, re-enactors, visual artists, musicians and above all story tellers.

More than a television series, the entire project includes the publication of a two-volume book, multiple video and DVD sets, a CD of the original soundtrack, and the creation of a multi-media Web site. Want to know who's behind it all? How the project was conceived and produced? Where all the stories came from?

Take a peek behind the scenes...

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Action! Learn all about the making of The Series.

Historical narrative, lavish illustrations and more in The Book.

The epic story on DVD/Video.

From historic source to digital resource on Web site.

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