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On this page, you will find information about:

  • Grades 10-12 Teacher Resource Package
    This 130-page TRP includes 50 lesson plans, downloadable activity sheets, and more to help integrate the wealth of video content into the secondary school curriculum.

  • Free Activities and Backgrounders to the TRP Lesson Plans
    Available at no cost on this Web site, one free activity for each of Episodes 1-17 of the series; and free backgrounders linked to each of the 50 Lesson Plans in the Grades 10-12 Teacher Resource Package.
  • Additional Downloadable Classroom Resources:
    • 17 Download Sheets to accompany the Lesson Plans
    • 6 Download Sheets to accompany Depth Perception
    • 7 General Assessment Rubrics
    • MARC records, used for library cataloguing of the Canada: A People's History videos and the Teacher Resource Packages
  • Episode Index
    The free index provides a breakdown of each episode of Canada: A People's History by issues and corresponding time-codes. This is a PDF document.
  • Please note: MARC records above with Additional Downloadable Classroom Resources.

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