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Year 1: 2000/2001 Broadcast season (Episodes 1-9)
Year 2: 2001/2002 Broadcast season (Episodes 10-17)

The series is comprised of a total of 17 episodes broadcast over two seasons. All episodes run 2 hours each except for episodes 3 and 9 which run one hour each.

The entire series is available on DVD, or as part of Curio.ca's streaming subscription.

Teacher Resource Packages are also available to help you maximize classroom presentation of the series — Grades 5-9 or Grades 10-12.

For pricing and other details, visit Curio.ca.

Canada: A People's History educational videos and Teacher Resource Packages are also available in French. Contact Curio.ca for more information.

The Canada: A People's History episodes contained in these videos are protected by copyright and are licensed for public performance before a non-paying audience. No alteration, reproduction, transmission, digital delivery, sale, home video or other use is permitted. Use of the videos is restricted to the purchasing organization, and videos may not be loaned, donated or re-sold to other organizations.

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