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The Grades 10-12 Teacher Resource Package

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The Grades 10-12 Teacher Resource Package for Canada: A People's History is a classroom-ready tool that provides thematic and cross-disciplinary content to support the entire 30-hour video series, making it a truly invaluable teaching tool for today's educator.

Comprehensive 130-page Binder

Your binder is conveniently divided into the following


  1. Introduction;
  2. History;
  3. Civics/Geography/Other; and
  4. Related Support Resources for customization of downloadable website content, notes and other materials.

45 Lesson Plans support all 16 episodes of Canada: A People's History, each written at the high school level by a subject-area specialist. Based on specific 10-15 minute segments from the videos, the plans offer teaching suggestions tailored to your allotted lesson time and include background information; questions you can ask; extension and research tips; website and resource links.

Strategies for teaching themes in History, Civics, Geography, media literacy applications, and other subjects, as well as suggestions for chronological/conceptual approaches to the material.

Activities supported by a website that contains curricula correlated to your provincial or regional document. Activity masters and assessment tools are also provided.

The Canada: A People's History grades 10-12 TRP is fully supported by a dedicated website that provides users with additional materials such blackline masters, assessment rubrics, backgrounders, additional reference/resource materials. Classroom links are available so that students can chat with other students in Canada and participate in the creation of new activities. All website TRP content is accessible when teachers register to obtain a free-of-charge password.

The cost of the Canada: A People's History Grades 10-12 Teacher Resource Package is $80 plus shipping and handling. Delivery of binder and contents for episodes 1-9 is now available; the remaining contents for episodes 10-16 will be delivered fall 2001.

For more information about the Grades 10-12 Teacher Resource Package, please visit

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