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The Grades 5-9 Teacher Resource Package

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The Grades 5-9 Teacher Resource Package for Canada: A People's History is a classroom-ready tool that makes learning interesting and relevant. Spanning a time period of 15 000 B.C. to 1900 A.D., the first ten episodes of the video series are a perfect match to the grades 5-9 curriculum.

A 128-page binder

Complete with project ideas and lesson plans specific to your curriculum, the binder is conveniently divided into the following four tabbed sections:

  1. Introduction;
  2. Project Plans;
  3. Lessons Plans; and
  4. Related Support Resources for customization of downloadable website content, notes and other materials.

A Project PLAN Section

The TRP offers eight 2-3 week project units with specific roll-out strategies organized around the following themes: Leadership, Research, Migration and Settlement, Forming Groups, Taking Risks, Time and Change, Aboriginals: Oral Traditions, and Culture and Conflict. Each project includes a complete teaching plan for use of the videos in the classroom as well as background information, specific daily plans and a bank of optional activities. Additionally, our website will provide Activity Masters for students and evaluation tools for teachers.

28 Specific Lesson Plans

Twenty-eight fully-developed lesson plans based on 10-15 minute segments from Canada: A People's History, episodes 1-10. Each lesson plan has been formatted on an easy-to-use 2-page spread providing you with background information, questions you can ask, core lesson strategies and extension strategies. Each lesson plan is also supported by our website which contains Activity Masters and evaluation tools.

A Dedicated Website

Users have access to curricula correlated to provincial or regional specifications as well as additional materials such as blackline masters, backgrounders, assessment rubrics, additional reference/resource materials.

The cost of the Canada: A People's History Grades 5-9 Teacher Resource Package is $50 plus shipping and handling.

For more information about the Grades 5-9 Teacher Resource Package, please contact

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