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Canada: A People's History is not only being broadcast on CBC, Radio-Canada and Newsworld, but will also be available on Home Videos and Digital Video Disks.

DVDs of episodes 1-9 (Season One) are now available.

Videos are available individually (each video contains one episode of the 17-episode series) and in boxed sets. DVDs have one or two episodes on individual volumes and will also be available in boxed sets.

Special features added to the DVDs include chapter indexing of the episodes, interactive menus, additional documentary footage related to the time frame of the episodes, a history trivia quiz, and Web site links.

Videos and DVDs are released shortly after the episodes are broadcast, with Season One Episodes (#1 to #9) now available. Episodes 10 to 13 will be released in late October 2001, and Episodes 14 to 17 will be available in Spring 2002.

The boxed set of Episodes 10-13, in both VHS and DVD formats, will also include a bonus audio CD of the original soundtrack from the series. The CD will also be available on its own, in early Fall 2001.

Visit our Merchandise section for more information about our DVDs and Videosx.

Ron Moring, president of Morningstar Entertainment, which is handling both the French and English Home Video and DVD releases for CBC/Radio-Canada, says "We are extremely pleased to be presenting this monumental series about Canada that encompasses everything from the creation stories of Canada's first nations right up to the events of the year 1990."

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