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"This is a narrative work, not an academic work," Mark Starowicz, Executive Producer of the series, writes in the foreword to Canada: A People's History. "If you want to get a sense of what it felt like to be an eleven-year-old girl in the Loyalist exodus, a nineteen-year-old Hudson's Bay Company clerk seeing the Rocky Mountains for the first time, or a terrified eighteen-year-old Acadian refugee at the Plains of Abraham, then this is the right book."

Canada: A People's History Volume I

Published in English by McClelland & Stewart and in French by les Éditions Fides, the two-volume book to accompany the televison series of the same name retells the story told on TV. It also carries a considerable amount of complimentary information and is lavishly illustrated by paintings, maps and more than 200 historic photographs. Relying on the research carried out within the scope of the series itself, the book presents the rise and fall of enemy empires, confrontations between grand armies and the turbulence of rebellions in a gripping manner. The first volume covers the period from Canada's origins to 1870. The first volume, which covers the period from Canada's origins to 1870, stood at the top of bestsellers lists for over 15 weeks and was voted the Non-Fiction Book of the Year by Canada's booksellers. It was also awarded the prestigious Libris Award in June 2001.

Canada: A People's History Volume II

Volume Two In November 2001, Volume Two of the two-book set will be released. Written in a lively, journalistic style, Volume Two begins with the rebellion over property and language rights for the French-speaking Métis in Manitoba, and closes with the traumatic confrontations between the Mohawk and the army at Oka, Quebec in 1990. Between these two harrowing events lies a hundred years of astonishing change and development in Canada: two world wars, savage Depression years, and waves of immigrants who arrived from Europe, the Caribbean, South American and Southeast Asia.

The political changes have been no less striking , with the eruption of nationalism in Quebec, women's fight for equal rights, and the creation of Canadians' most cherished social service: universal health care. Every issue has been meticulously researched by a team of historians and provides a definitive new account of the richness of our country's past.

Look for Volume Two in bookstores, or click here for more info.

Author, English Edition
Don Gillmor pursued a career in journalism after working three years with book publisher John Wiley & Sons. Gillmor has written articles for Toronto Life, G.Q., Equinox, Rolling Stone, The Globe and Mail and The Montreal Gazette, earning him many honours, including six National Magazine Awards. Gillmor's work has appeared regularly in Saturday Night magazine; in 1989, he was named contributing editor. Gillmor has also written five children's books, many of which have been translated into other languages. The Christmas Orange and The Fabulous Song were both nominated for Governor General's Awards, and The Fabulous Song won the Mr. Christie Award. Gillmor's most recent book, The Desire of Every Living Thing, was named in The Globe and Mail's best non-fiction books of the year list for 1999, and was nominated for the Carol Shields Book Award.

Author, French Edition
Pierre Turgeon is a well-known Quebecois writer and editor. Turgeon has worked as a journalist for Radio-Canada, the National Film Board and Actualité. Turgeon has been awarded two Governor General's Awards: the first in 1980, for his book La Première Personne and the second in 1992, for La Radissonie, about the evolution of relationships between non-natives and Cree.

Author, French Edition
Achille Michaud is the co-author of the biography Richard Hatfield: Power and Disobedience and a journalist with "Zone libre" current affairs program at Radio-Canada.

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