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Credits for Episode 8:
From Sea to Sea

Maggie Huculak

Directed, Written and Produced By
Jim Williamson

Fiona McHugh Johanne Ménard

Murray Green

Additional Editing
Ilona Crabbe

Principal Photography
Maurice Chabot
Michael Sweeney

Episode Historical Consultants
Jean Barman
Tina Loo
Philippe Mailhot


Historical Character

Raymond Cloutier

George-Étienne Cartier

Torri Higginson

Agnes Macdonald

Stephen Mchattie

Sir John A. Macdonald

Jean Marchand

Louis Riel

R.H. Thompson

D'Arcy McGee

Additional Voices
John Bayliss
Dominic Briand
William Colgate
Yves Corbeil
Tracey Ferencz
Colin Fox
John Gilbert
John Jarvis
Joanne Mckay
Dennis O'Connor
Gerard Parkes
Yvan Ponton
Dylan Roberts
Gisele Rousseau
Gordon Tootoosis

Dorothy Gardner
Gail Carr, CDC
Murielle Laferrière

Drama Consultant
Céline Hallée

Unit Managers
Michel Legault
Pim Van Der Toorn

James Cullingham

Associate Producers
Yvette Lang
Reg Thompson

Location Manager
David Mahoney

Additional Photography
Derek Kennedy
Pierre W. Mainville
Gaétan Morisset

Camera Assistants
Pierre Labelle
Bernard Lachance

Pierre W. Mainville

Technical Producer
José Désorcy
Paul Sauvageau

Assistant Directors
Gail Boyd
Ian Campbell
Mark Corbeil
Nanci King
Christian Pagé

Wardrobe Designers
Vasile (Bill) Fortais
Muriel Sampson

Assisted By
Michèle Charbonneau
Danielle Chouinard
Chris Cristobal
Tracey Haggart
Cathal Kelly
France Labelle
Robert Monckton
Jean Philie
Trevor Powell
Jennifer Robb

François Cyr
Linda Fruchtman
Sandi Sokol
Tracy Gallagher
Susan Garofolo
Hélène Tremblay

Hair and Wigs
Anita Miles
Jennifer Ducette
Friedrich Duerr
Jocelyne Gagnon
Guy Roy
Kelly Shanks
Lucy Walsh

Lead Special Effects
André Daoust
Tim Mcelcheran
Gus White

Special Effects
Danny Giroux
Alison Kutas
Al Wirachowsky

Staging Crewleaders
Sylvain Beaubré
Ken Gray
Gerry O'Hanley
Marcel Richer
Thierry Senécal

André Bélanger
Alan Boye
Yvon Boulay
Jacques Champagne
Guy Cossette
Luc Déom
Scott Drewery
Pierre Gagné
Pierre Labelle
Benoît Lefebvre
Bernard Lachance

Jib Operator
John Bailey
Guy Ouellette

Location Assistant
Michael Blais

Generator Operator
Pierre Gagné
Rick Jamieson

Lighting Director
Keith Brett

Don Anderson
David Dool
Rick Jamieson
Larry Lakos
François Lecours
Kevin McKeage
Luc Sénécal

Set Decoration
Diane Couture
Jean Belisle
Peter Jaworski
Doug Jones
Michael McShane
Charles McGlynn
Marcel Richer
Dutch Thompson

Video Operator
Kerry O'Donnell

VTR Operator
Kyle Wagner
Audio Recording
Rodrigue Amyot
Claude Beauchemin
Tom Bilenkey
Keith Bonnell
Joseph Cancilla
Daniel Guilbeault
Mike Kennedy
Anita Lubosch
André Meunier
Bissa Scekic
Kathryn Von Bezold

Art Direction, Graphic Design and Visual Effects
Stephen Dutcheshen

Visual Effects Artists
Roger Hupman
Lisa Knight
Alain Provost
Gilles Saindon
Jen Vuckovic

Graphic Design
Jaime Maldonado
Terri Rowling

Sound Effects
Greg Robertson

Foley Artist
Edwin Terry

Narration Recording
Ron Searles

Dialogue Recording
Damian Kearns

Music Editing and Sound Mix
Steve Cupani

The CBC Acknowledges the Assistance of:

  • Doug Payette and the Staff of the National Archives of Canada
  • Archives nationales du Québec
  • Mary Barlow, Archives of Diocese of British Columbia
  • Ball's Falls Historical Park, Ontario
  • Carleton County Jail, Ottawa
  • Judith Berlyn, Chateau Ramezay Museum Library, Montréal
  • Nancy Morelli and Vincent Ouellette, Concordia University Archives, Montreal
  • Congregation of the Grey Nuns of Manitoba, Montreal and Ottawa
  • Credit Valley Conservation, Ontario
  • Peter Smith, Eldon House, London, Ontario
  • Valerie Green, Victoria, British Columbia
  • Hat Creek Ranch, Cache Creek, British Columbia
  • Island Lake Conservation Area, Ontario
  • Stephane Kelly, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec
  • Le Musée ferroviaire de St-Constant, St-Constant, Québec
  • Le Village Québécois d'Antan, Drummondville, Québec
  • Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site, Manitoba
  • Parish of St-Norbert, Manitoba
  • Point Ellice House, British Columbia
  • Adele Perry, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Allan Pritchard, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Abbé Pierre Gagné, Parish of St-Boniface, Manitoba
  • Region of Peel Museum, Ontario
  • South Simcoe Railway, Tottenham, Ontario
  • Pierre Boily, St-Boniface Museum, Manitoba
  • Mary Mcgovern and Moira Leblanc-Todd, St-Patrick's Basilica, Québec
  • Tall Grass Prairie Reserve, Tolstoy, Manitoba,
  • Dictionary of Canadian Biography / Dictionnaire biographique du Canada

Visual Credits
  • National Archives of Canada, Ontario

  • Archives du séminaire de Trois-Rivières, Trois-Rivières. Québec

  • Archives of Ontario

  • British Columbia Archives

  • Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia

  • DB Weldon Library, University of Western Ontario

  • Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library

  • McCord Museum of Canadian History/Musée McCord d'histoire canadienne, Montréal

  • Musée de la civilisation, Québec

  • Musée du Chateau Ramezay Museum, Montréal

  • National Gallery of Canada / Musée des beaux-arts du Canada, Ontario

  • Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation

  • Prince Edward Island Public Archives and Records

  • Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

  • Public Archives of Nova Scotia

  • Queen's University Archives, Ontario

  • Yarmouth County Museum and Archive, Nova Scotia

  • The National Library of Ireland

  • Guildhall Art Library, Corporation of London, UK

  • Houses of Parliament, UK

  • Museum of London, UK

  • National Monuments Record Office, UK

  • National Portrait Gallery, UK

  • The Bridgeman Art Library, UK

  • Towner Art Gallery, UK

  • Westminster City Archives, UK

  • Corbis-Bettman Archives, USA

  • Circus World Museum, USA

  • Forbes Magazine Collection, USA

  • New York Historical Society, USA

  • The Bridgeman Art Library, USA

  • The Library of Congress, USA

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