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Credits: Episode 6
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Credits for Episode 6:
The Pathfinders

Maggie Huculak

Directed By
Michelle Métivier

Senior Producer and Writer
Gordon Henderson

Historical Research
Heather Rollason Driscoll

Mark Solnoky

Director of Photography
Derek Kennedy

Episode 6 Historical Consultants
Jennifer Brown
Jack M. Bumsted
Bob Coutts
Harry Duckworth
Gerhard Ens
Gerald Friesen
Harvey Mack
Jack and Claire Nisbet
Shawn Patterson
Theresa Schenck
John Steckley


Historical Character

Richard Binsley

Miles Macdonnell

Benedict Campbell


Ron Cook


Joe Dinicol

Young David Thompson

James Douglas

Sir James Douglas

Gaetan Dumont

Pierre Esprit Radisson

John Dunn-Hill

Duncan Cameron

Geordie Johnson

Daniel Harmon

Art Kitching

Samuel Hearne

Cedar Nelson

Thompson's Daughter

Daniel Pilon

James Douglas

Jacques Rossi

La Vérendrye

Albert Schultz

Alexander Mackenzie

Shaun Smyth

David Thompson the Elder

Harry Standjofsky


Allen Stewart-Coates

David Thompson, 80 Yrs

Gordon Tootoosis


Philip Wynne

Samuel Hearne, the Elder

Raven Wright

Samuel J. Hathaway

April Achneepineskum

Lisette Duval

Additional Voices
Jack Burning
Andrew Gillies
Greg Spottiswood
Stephanie Morgenstern
Ned Vukovic

Casting By
Dorothy Gardner
Gail Carr
Philippe Cournoyer
Cathy Driscoll

Drama Consultant
Céline Hallée

Historical Recreationists
Judy & Barry Mcpherson
Les Associés du Fort Gibraltar

Ines Colabrese

Associate Producers
Yvette Lang
Chantal Ouimet

Additional Research
Beth Pritchard
Carolyn Podruchny

Additional Photography
Maurice Chabot
Michael Sweeney, CSC
Doug Trent
Hans Vanderzande

Camera Assistants
Chuck Clark
Michel Boulay

Jib Operator
Bill Morris
Len Dubytz

Driver and Researcher
Michael Petrou

Assistant Directors
Ian Campbell
Nanci King

Additional Assistant Directors
Geoff Johnson
David Mahoney

Anne-Marie Mailette

Wardrobe Designers
Vasile (Bill) Fortais
Muriel Sampson

Assisted By
Jona Aldridge
Chris Cristobal
Dorothy Crutcher
Gloria Dowton
Linda Madden
Cathy Mclaren
Kathleen Morley
Jennifer Robb

Pat Engstrom
Linda Fruchtman
Sandi Sokol
Joyce Wold

Hair and Wigs
Lucy Walsh
Anita Miles
Joyce Wold
Catherine Saites
Pat Engstrom
Kelly Shanks
Sandi Sokoloski
Anne-Marie Cassidy
Donna Gliddon
Gerry Altenberg

Lead Special Effects
Tim McElcheran

Special Effects
Gus White

Staging Crewleaders
Brian Lauman
Gerry O'Hanley
Ken Gray

Darryl Riches
Les Moore
Welland Jennings
Alan Boye
Trevor Briggs
Wayne Belvin

Generator Operator
Arthur Pinches
Kevin Mckeague
Len Dubytz

Lighting Director
Keith Brett
Lloyd Fox
Amid Mohammed

Michel Bouler
Lloyd Fox
Kevin Mckeage
Robert Stoss

Set Decoration
Larry Spittle
Rick Lovegrove
Janet Morgan
Genny Killin
Michael Mcshane

Set Decoration Assistant
Laura Souter

Location Managers
David Mahoney
Brian Patton

Helicopter Pilots
Cathy Moore
Rob Skelly

Audio Recording
Tom Bilenky
Greg Bobosha
Chris Davies
Keith Henderson
Michael Kennedy

Visual Effects Artists
Roger Hupman
Lisa Knight
Jennifer Vuckovic

Sound Effects
Edwin Terry
Greg Robertson

Foley Artists
Edwin Terry

Sound Mix
Steve Cupani

Narration Recording
Ron Searles

Music Editing
Steve Cupani

The CBC Acknowledges the Assistance of:

  • National Archives of Canada
  • Bethune House
  • McCord Museum of Canadian History/Musée McCord d'histoire canadienne, Montréal
  • Old Fort William, Ontario
  • Bill Worb Furs & the Winnipeg Fur Exchange
  • Bob Hallam
  • Pat Lines and the staff at the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department
  • Ralph Wirfs
  • Judith Beattie and the staff at the Hudson's Bay Company Archives, Provincial Archives of Manitoba
  • Theodore Binnema
  • Gary Kangas
  • Ian Maclaren
  • William E. Moreau
  • René Morton
  • Allan Pard
  • Sean Peake
  • Sylvia Van Kirk
  • Germaine Wakentin
  • Richard Wright
  • Bob Tretiuk
  • Jeff & Angela Gottfred
  • Toronto Historical Board
  • Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto
  • John Tkachuk, Tall Grass Prairie Preserve, Tolstoy, Manitoba
  • Mennonite Village Museum, Assiniboia Grasslands National Park
  • The Manitoba Métis Foundation
  • Grey Coat Hospital, England
  • Provincial Museum of Alberta
  • Canadian Museum of Civilization
  • Archives of Ontario
  • Saskatchewan Indian Culture Centre
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Banff National Park
  • Animal Wranglers
  • Mary and Bill Carrick
  • Dale Guinow
  • Dr. Wayne Lees & Leah
  • Louise Reimer
  • Steve Racine
  • Dictionary of Canadian Biography / Dictionnaire biographique du Canada

Visual Credits

  • Art Gallery of Windsor
  • Art Gallery of Hamilton
  • Art Gallery of Ontario
  • Brock University
  • British Columbia Archives
  • CBC Design Library
  • Glenbow Museum
  • Hudson's Bay Company Archives, Provincial Archives of Manitoba
  • Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library
  • McMichael Canadian Collection
  • National Archives of Canada
  • National Film Board of Canada
  • National Gallery of Canada
  • Ontario Archives
  • Parks Canada
  • Raeburn Collection
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Treeline Productions
  • Vancouver Public Library
  • Albany Institute of History and Art
  • Bridgeman Art Library, NY
  • Joslyn Art Museum
  • Museum of the City of New York
  • National Museum of American Art, Washington, D.C. / Art Resources, NY
  • Library of Congress
  • Walters Art Gallery
  • Mary Evans Picture Library
  • Phillips, the International Fine Art Auctioneers
  • Public Record Office, London
  • Wolverhampton Art Gallery, West Midlands

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