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Credits: Episode 5
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Credits for Episode 5:
A Question of Loyalties

Maggie Huculak

Directed and Written By
Laine Drewery

Wayne Chong
Grazyna Krupa

Editorial Research
Martin Bisaillon

Sheldon Beldick

Principal Photography
Maurice Chabot

Historical Consultants
Donald Graves
Jean Pierre Wallot
Bernard Assiniwi

Military Consultants
Robert Henderson
Peter Twist

Unit Manager
Pim Van Der Toorn


Historical Character

Nigel Bennett Guy Carleton
Wayne Best Thomas Walker
Stephane Blanchette J.B. Badeaux
Lorne Cardinal Tecumseh
Michael S. Davis William Grenville
Scott Finlay Sir Isaac Brock in the Field
Kevin Hare Maurice Nowlan
Derwin Jordan Boston King
Dan Lett Joseph Willcocks
Holly Lewis Amelia Harris
James Mainprize General William Hull
Louise Marleau Thérèse Baby Benoît
Stephen Mchattie Sir Isaac Brock
Claude Poissant Pierre Bédard
Eric Schweig Joseph Brant
Desmond Scott Sir James Craig
Nicholas Van Burek Stephen Jarvis

Additional Voices
William Colgate
Gary Farmer
David Ferry
Andrew Gillies
Francois Klanfer
Stephanie Morgenstern
Fiona Reid
Greg Spottiswood
Wendy Thatcher
Ned Vukovic
Ron White

Claude Desjardins
Eric Robertson
Ernie Tollar
Roman Borys
Annalee Patipatanakoon
Stuart Laughton

Dorothy Gardner
Philippe Cournoyer
Gail Carr

Drama Consultant
Céline Hallée

Historical Recreationists

  • Butler's Rangers
  • The Royal Fusiliers
  • The Canadian Volunteers
  • The Glengarry Light Infantry
  • The Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada
  • The King's Regiment in the Canadas
  • The Norfolk Militia
  • The 41st Regiment of Foot
  • The Royal George
  • The Royal Newfoundland Regiment
  • 16th US Infantry
  • 25th US Infantry

Heidi Bohaker
Lynette Fortune

Pierre Mainville
Gaétan Morisset
Derek Kennedy
Michael Sweeney CSC
Hans Vanderzande

Additional Photography
Scott Drewery

First Assistant Director / Continuity
Nanci King

Assistant Director
Ian Campbell

Wardrobe Designer
Vasile (Bill) Fortais

Assisted by
Muriel Sampson
Wendy Charette
Chris Cristobal
Tracy Haggart
Cathal Kelly
Robert Monckton
Jennifer Robb
Anna Wood

Meliase Paterson
Sandi Sokol
Linda Fruchtman

Hair and Wigs
Anita Miles
Evelyn Macneil
Lucy Walsh

Lead Special Effects
Tim Mcelcheran

Special Effects
Gus White
Chris Radway
Joe Darragh
Alison Kutas

Staging Crewleaders
Ken Gray
Gerard O'Hanley

Wayne Belvin
Alan Boye
Roberto Diaz
Scott Drewery
Joey Kneller
Rick Lyon

Lighting Director
Keith Brett
Chris Germanakos

Don Anderson
Martin Devenyi
Parth Jadon
David Dool
Kevin Mckeague
Russ Waddell

Set Decoration
Michael McShane
Peter Jaworski

Location Assistance
Michael Blais

Audio Recording
Victor Moderman
Brian Whitty
Brian Newby
Tom Bilenkey
Mike Kennedy

3D Animation
Emily Roach

Visual Effects Artists
Gilles Saindon
Lisa Knight
Jennifer Vuckovic

Peter Jorgensen

Post-Production Packaging Editor
Michael Weir

Loop Group

Sound Effects
Greg Robertson

Foley Artists
Peter Campbell
Edwin Terry

Sound Mix
Steve Cupani (CBC)
Marc Doiron (Radio-Canada)

Final Sound Mix
Ron Searles

The CBC Acknowledges the Assistance of:

  • Director David Webb and the Staff of Fort George National Historic Site, Ontario
  • The Parks of the St. Lawrence: Upper Canada Village
  • Fort Henry National Historic Site, Ontario
  • McCord Museum of Canadian History/Musée McCord d'histoire canadienne, Montréal
  • Musée Stewart au Fort de l'Île Sainte-Hélène, Montréal

  • Mary Mandley and the staff of Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons, Ministry of Tourism, Midland, Ontario
  • Discovery Harbour, Ministry of Tourism, Penetanguishene, Ontario
  • Fort Erie National Historic Site
  • United Empire Loyalists Association, Library Resources
  • Tom Hill and Winnie Jacobs, Woodlands Cultural Centre
  • Toronto Reference Library (The Baldwin Room)
  • National Archives of Canada
  • Archives of Ontario
  • Archives nationales du Québec
  • Public Archives of Nova Scotia
  • Vic Suthren, Historian and Author, Naval Specialist, Ship Consultant
  • Gord Lacko, Marine Historical Co-Ordinator
  • James Elliott, Re-Enactor, Journalist and Author
  • Chris Bagley, Ship Location Contact
  • Paul Racine
  • Denis Plante, Fonds Baby, Université de Montréal
  • Alison Judd, Queenston Heritage Printery Museum
  • Luc Lépine, ministère de l'Éducation du Québec
  • Dictionary of Canadian Biography /Dictionnaire biographique du Canada

Visual Credits

  • British Columbia Archives, BC
  • Chrysler Farm Museum, ON
  • Fort Malden National Historic Site, ON
  • The Image Bank, ON
  • Metro Toronto Reference Library, ON
  • McCord Museum of Canadian History/Musée McCord d'histoire canadienne, Montréal
  • National Archives of Canada, ON
  • National Film Board
  • National Gallery of Canada
  • Power Corporation of Canada, QC
  • Royal Ontario Museum, ON
  • The Weir Foundation, ON
  • Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection, USA
  • Architect of the Capitol, USA
  • Bridgeman Art Library, USA
  • Carnegie Museum of Art, USA
  • Chicago Historical Society, USA
  • Corbis-Bettman Archives, USA
  • Dartmouth Historical Society, USA
  • Delaware Art Museum, USA
  • Granger Collection, USA
  • Hulton Getty/Liason Agency, USA
  • John Carter Brown Library, Brown University, USA
  • Lafayette College, USA
  • Library of Congress, USA
  • Musée Franco-Americain, USA
  • National Parks Service, USA
  • Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, USA
  • Stapleton Collection, USA
  • State Capitol/National Geographic Center, USA
  • Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, USA
  • "Damn the Defiant", Courtesy of Columbia Pictures
  • Bridgeman Art Library, UK
  • Bonhams London, UK
  • Christies Images, London, UK
  • Guildhall Art Library, Corporation of London, UK
  • Maas Gallery, UK
  • Museum of London, UK
  • National Maritime Museum, UK
  • Victoria and Albert Museum, UK

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