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In preparing Canada: A People's History, the series' production team spent a great deal of time carefully researching the stories told on screen. The producers and directors read through many primary sources and also consulted various edited volumes on Canada's past.

This bibliography, organised by episode, includes some of the books consulted during this process as well as links to some rich on-line resources. In addition to the sites and titles listed for each episode, this collection also includes resources on the general history of Canada.

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General Reference

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Episode 1: When The World Began

Canadian History: A Reader's Guide (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1994)
-- Vol. 1, Beginnings to Confederation (M. Brook Taylor, ed.)
-- Vol. 2, Confederation to the Present (Doug Owram, ed.)

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Episode 2: Adventurers And Mystics

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Episode 3: Claiming the Wilderness

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Episode 4: Battle for a Continent

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Episode 5: A Question of Loyalties

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Episode 6: The Pathfinders

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Episode 7: Rebellion and Reform

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Episode 8: The Great Enterprise

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Episode 9: From Sea to Sea

Please see bibliographic references for Episode 8.

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Episode 10: Taking the West

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Episode 11: The Great Transformation

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Episode 12: Ordeal by Fire

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Episode 13: Hard Times

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Episode 14: The Crucible

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Episode 15: Comfort and Fear

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Episode 16: Years of Hope and Anger

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Episode 17: Uncertain Country

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