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Enjoy the Gemini Award Winning original soundtrack from Canada: A People's History in your own home! The CD contains selections from the soundtrack of this epic series, composed by Claude Desjardins and Eric Robertson.

Over 60 minutes in length, the CD contains highlights of the musical score from nine episodes, including the series' powerful theme music. The CD also contains a beautiful rendition of Un Canadien errant, the French-Canadian folk song that was heard in Episode 7. The CD's extensive bilingual liner notes include notes from Mark Starowicz, Executive Producer of Canada: A People's History and the composers, Claude Desjardins and Eric Robertson; episode summaries to provide useful context to the music; and the lyrics for Un Canadien errant, in French and English.

The soundtrack CD is available in at Canadian music stores and the CBC Shop . The CD is also included as a special bonus in the Series 3 Boxed Set of home DVDs.

Buy the CD   CD Price: C$17.98

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