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The lavishly illustrated two-volume book set, available in English or French, follows the series closely and provides a definitive, new account of the richness of this country's past. Award-winning author Don Gillmor is the author of the the English editions, while Pierre Turgeon and Achille Michaud have written the French editions.

Written in a lively, journalistic style, the books include dozens of maps, photos and illustrations, and meticulous research by a team of historians to provide a definitive new account of the richness of our country's past. Like the series, the books also incorporate the words of the men and women throughout our history, our witnesses to the events in our past who tell their stories in their own words.

Canada: A People's History Volume I

The story told in Volume One covers stories from the native oral tradition, the electrifying moments of the first contact between natives inhabitants and European explorers, right up to the post-Confederation resignation of Canada's first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald.

Volume I stood at the top bestseller lists for more than 15 weeks, and was voted the Non-Fiction Book of the Year by Canada's booksellers. It was also awarded the prestigious Libris Award in June 2001.

Canada: A People's History Volume II

The second volume of Canada: A People's History, already a Canadian best-seller, is now available. Volume Two begins with the rebellion over property and language rights for the French-speaking Métis in Manitoba, and closes with the traumatic confrontations between the Mohawk and the army at Oka, Quebec in 1990. Between these two harrowing events lies a hundred years of astonishing change and development in Canada: two world wars, savage Depression years, and waves of immigrants who arrived from all corners of the world, and striking political changes that changed the nation forever.

Published in English by McClelland & Stewart, with colour and black and white images throughout.

Volume I, 320 pages, hardcover     
Available at Canadian bookstores
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Volume II, 352 pages, hardcover     
Available now at Canadian bookstores
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