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Episode 7
Rebellion and Reform
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Rebellion and Reform

By 1830, the struggle for democratic government in the colonies of British North America has reached fever pitch. As the colonies grow in wealth and population, a generation of charismatic reformers -- Joseph Howe in Nova Scotia, Louis-Joseph Papineau in Lower Canada and William Lyon Mackenzie in Upper Canada - confront the appointed governors and their local favourites with one demand: let the citizens' elected representatives run their own affairs. In the Canadas, the struggle leads to bloody rebellion and disastrous defeat for the rebels. Yet within 10 years, the prize of self-government is won, thanks in part to an unexpected alliance between the French and English-speaking forces of reform.

Complete Credits for Episode 7

Director: Peter Ingles
Producer: Andrew Burnstein
Senior Journalist: Frédéric Vanasse
Journalist-Researcher: Martin Bisaillon
Editor: Marc Jasmin
Cinematography: Pierre Mainville, Maurice Chabot, Gaetan Morriset
Original music: Claude Desjardins and Eric Robertson

"Un Canadien errant"
from the album "Émile Campagne"
produced by Folle Avoine Productions
distributed in Canada by Universal Music.

Featuring: Martin Neufeld (William Lyon Mackenzie), Ted Atherton (Robert Baldwin), Randy Hughson (Joseph Howe), Alain Fournier (Louis-Joseph Papineau)

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Canada at the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century
The Reformers' Protests
Martin Neufeld as William Lyon Mackenzie
On the Eve of Rebellion
Patriote rallies
Clashes in Upper and Lower Canada
Harassment and intimidation
The Union of Upper and Lower Canada
Ted Atherton as Robert Baldwin
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