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In an Uncertain World
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In an Uncertain World

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Canada struggles in an era of political, economic and social uncertainties. Debate around Canadian unity continues with the Quebec referendum of 1980, patriation of the Constitution and the Meech Lake Accord. Canadian society continues to be shaped by growing multiculturalism, feminism and native activism. The country also faces new global realities. The world order and economic boom that had taken shape after the Second World War begins to unravel. Free trade, globalization, the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the explosion of computer technology helps define Canada in the new era.
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Newsworld broadcast:
Sunday, January 13, 2002
10pm - midnight Eastern

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A Fragile Unity
In 1968, René Lévesque founded the Parti Québécois whose main goal was Quebec sovereignty. Pictured here, Lévesque greeting supporters after his 1973 election defeat. (National Archives of Canada, PA-115039) Canadian Confederation faces an uncertain future. Quebec holds its first sovereignty referendum, which divides family and friends within the province. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau encounters political hurtles as he tries to bring home the constitution
Demand to be Counted
Emerging voices reshape Canadian society. Natives air their grievances in a landmark inquiry, and set up a blockade in Quebec. A RCMP cadet asks to wear a turban, while women continue to fight for equality, demanding a place in the new Charter of Rights. In 1974, Judge Thomas Berger was appointed to head the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry into the social, environmental and economic impact of a proposed pipeline in the Northwest Territories.
New Economic Realities
In 1973, a worldwide oil crisis ushered in an Alberta oil boom. (Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa) Canada's economy enters a new era characterized by economic uncertainty and growing globalization. Alberta's oil industry goes from boom to bust, while Canadians debate whether free trade with the U.S. will bring prosperity or destroy a way of life.
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