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Years of Hope and Anger
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Years of Hope and Anger

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The 1960s and 1970s are an era of turmoil. Youth movements across North America and Quebec�s Quiet Revolution challenge the status quo. Canada raises a new flag and the country shines in the world spotlight with Expo '67. Some events threaten considerable upheaval: growing calls for Quebec sovereignty and the 1970 FLQ kidnappings. An electrifying politician becomes prime minister and Trudeaumania changes the face of Canadian politics irrevocably.
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Newsworld broadcast:
Saturday, January 12, 2002
10pm - midnight Eastern

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Nationalist Passions
Broadcaster turned politician, René Lévesque, was a key member of the Quebec Liberal government, which initiated sweeping reforms in province in the early 1960s. Canadians toast their country with a new flag and an Expo 67 birthday bash. Meanwhile, Quebecers celebrate their own strength and pride unlocked by the Quiet Revolution. Nationalist passions lead to a dark chapter in Canadian history, the October Crisis.
Challenging the Status Quo
Baby-boomers come of age and reshape the world. Young people organize to promote peace and protect the earth. Women reject the conventions of the past and demand liberation. And native Canadians find their own voice after a century of misery. In the early 1960s, women made up only one-third of the workforce and many worked as secretaries, receptionists, waitresses, grade-school teachers and nurses. Pictured here, long-distance switchboard operators at Bell Telephone Co., Ottawa 1961. (National
In the Name of Progress
Between the mid-1950s and the early 1970s, the Newfoundland government closed 250 outports. Thirty thousand people were uprooted and relocated to larger villages and towns. Pictured here, children watching a house being towed from Fox Island. August 1961. Progress becomes a religion and lays waste to traditional ways. Newfoundland abandons its outports, and its young people must choose between unemployment and exile. Canada's oldest black community becomes a victim of the times.
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