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The Crucible
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The Crucible

Canada comes of age in the anguish of the Second World War, with soldiers on the beaches at Dieppe and women in the industrial work force back home. The country's military role and the domestic social and political consequences of the war are traced through poignant stories of Canadians on both sides of the Atlantic. The horrific global conflict steals the innocence of a generation ... but brings hope for a new future.
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Newsworld broadcast:
Thursday, January 10, 2002
10pm-Midnight Eastern

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Military Might
A prairie boy named Frank Curry found himself fighting German U-boats in the North Atlantic during the Second World War. Pictured here, Curry aboard the H.M.C.S. Kamsack. The Second World War brings tragedy and triumph as Canadian soldiers take to the seas against dreaded German U-boats and fight in the skies over Britain. The beaches of Normandy become the stage for the disaster at Dieppe and the victory on D-Day.
The American Cousin
As war rages in Europe, Canada develops a closer relationship with the United States. Americans look north to strengthen security and to make use of Canada's wartime economy. On August 17, 1940, American President Franklin Roosevelt and Canada's William Lyon Mackenzie King signed the first joint defence pact between the two countries. (National Archives of Canada, C-016768)
Fighting from the Home Front
One of many posters produced by the Canadian Wartime Information Board designed to promote wartime production, recruitment and fundraising during the Second World War. (National Archives of Canada, C-103527) Canada gears up for an all-out war effort on the home front. Women are front and centre in the country's burgeoning wartime economy. Patriotism and prejudice reach a fervoured pitch. And Mackenzie King tries to fend off a looming conscription crisis.
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