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Hard Times
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Hard Times

Canada plunges into social and political crisis as the Great Depression settles over the world. With little help from Ottawa, thousands of Canadians criss-cross the country desperately seeking work while prairie farmers face the additional devastation of the Dust Bowl. As the crisis drags on, resentment and anger grow, leading to massive social unrest. Meanwhile the world faces an increasingly menacing threat from Europe, as Adolph Hitler draws Canada and the world closer to another world war.
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Newsworld broadcast:
Wednesday, January 09, 2002
10pm-Midnight Eastern

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Canadians Suffer
In 1933, three in 10 Canadians were unemployed and there was little government assistance for single, jobless men. Pictured here, an unidentified man on a cot in a Government Hospitality Office. (National Archives of Canada, C-020594) The Great Depression hits Canadians hard. Thousands of young men roam the country seeking jobs while others endure exploitation in a desperate workplace. Prairie farmers face economic crisis and nature's wrath.
Calls for Help
Anger mounts as Canadians turn to Ottawa for help during the darkest days of the Great Depression. They discover a government with few ideas for solving their desperate plight. Canadian Prime Minister R.B. Bennett and his government had little vision for drawing Canadians out of the darkest years of the Great Depression in the early 1930s. Pictured here, R.B. Bennett surrounded by members of his Cabinet. (National Archives of Ca
Striking Back
In 1932, James Shaver Woodsworth became the first leader the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation. The CCF became the New Democratic Party in 1961. (National Archives of Canada, P05910t) The Great Depression deepens, igniting mass protests and Communist sympathies throughout Canada. Meanwhile new political visions sprout up from the Dust Bowl of the prairies
Rise of the Fascists
Hitler rises to power in Europe and launches a massive assault against the Jewish people while drawing Canada and the world closer to war World leaders turned a blind eye when German Chancellor Adolph Hitler annexed Austria in 1938 and a year later completed a takeover of Czechoslovakia. (National Film Board of Canada and National Archives of Canada, PA-130023)
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