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From Sea to Sea
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From Sea to Sea
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John A. Macdonald's Canada

Confederation is barely accomplished when the new dominion must face an enormous challenge: extending its reach into the vast prairies and beyond, to the Pacific Ocean. But Canada blunders catastrophically in seeking to take over the west without the consent of its inhabitants, especially the Métis of Red River and their leader, the charismatic, troubled Louis Riel. The resistance of 1869-70 lays the groundwork for Manitoba to join Canada, but it also sets the stage for decades of conflict over the rights of French and English, Catholic and Protestant in the new territories. Thanks to an audacious promise of a transcontinental railway in 10 years, the settlers of British Columbia are more easily convinced of the merits of union; by 1873 Prince Edward Island has joined as well, and Canada can boast a dominion that extends from sea to sea.

Complete Credits for Episode 9

Producer/Director/Writer: Jim Williamson
Producers: Fiona McHugh, Johanne Ménard
Editor: Murray Green
Additional editing by: Ilona Crabbe
Cinematography: Michael Sweeney, CSC, and Maurice Chabot
Original music: Claude Desjardins and Eric Robertson

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1867John A. Macdonald's Canada
Growing Pains of a New Country
1869The Métis Resistance
Louis Riel and the Creation of Manitoba
1871British Columbia
The West joins Confederation and a Railway Scandal Rocks Ottawa

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