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Battle for a Continent
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Battle for a Continent
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Episode 4

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Rumblings of War

A period of a little more than two decades in the mid-18th century changes the destiny of North America. England and France battle each other in the Seven Years' War, a conflict that begins as a clash between les Canadiens and land-hungry American settlers in the Ohio Valley and becomes a world war that engulfs the continent. Fortress Louisbourg, symbol of the French empire, is the target of 27,000 soldiers and sailors in the greatest naval invasion in North America's history. In 1759, General James Wolfe leads the assault against Quebec but the citadel withstands a devastating siege and bombardment. With winter soon arriving, Wolfe forces the commander of the French troops, Louis-Joseph de Montcalm, into one last desperate encounter. The battle for North America unfolds on an abandoned farmer's field, the Plains of Abraham, just outside the city's walls. When war ends in 1763, 70,000 French colonists come under British rule, setting in motion the ever-evolving French-English dynamic in Canada.

Complete Credits for Episode 4

Producer: Sally Reardon
Director: Serge Turbide
Writer: Mark Starowicz
Co-producer: Julia Bennett
Journalist-Researcher: Richard Fortin
Editor: Murray Green
Cinematography: Michael Sweeney, CSC, Maurice Chabot, Pierre Mainville, Derek Kennedy
Original music: Claude Desjardins and Eric Robertson

Featuring: Guy Nadon (Louis-Joseph de Montcalm), Robert Joy (General James Wolfe), August Shellenberg (Pontiac), Diana Leblanc (Marie de la Visitation), John Gilbert (Sir James Murray), Leon Pownall (Benjamin Franklin), Simon Barry (Abby Jean-Felix Recher), Nigel Bennett (Sir Guy Carleton) Normand Bissonnette (François Gaston de Lévis), Paul Savoie (Marquis de Vaudreuil)

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Rumblings of War
Louis-Antoine de Bougainville's journal
War Begins
Fortress Louisbourg
Louis-Joseph the Marquis de Montcalm
General James Wolfe
Battle for Quebec
Plains of Abraham
Winter 1759-1760
Another fight for Quebec
British control of Quebec
Pontiac's revolt
Governing Canada

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