When the World Began...
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When the World Began...
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When the World Began...
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The First Peoples

The opening episode of this 16-part documentary ranges across the continent, looking back more than 15,000 years to recount the varied history of the first occupants of the territory that would become Canada. From the rich resource of native oral history and archeology come the stories of the land's first people - how dozens of distinct societies took shape, and how they encountered a strange new people, the Europeans. Among the earliest of these epoch-making encounters is the meeting between Jacques Cartier and Donnacona, the Iroquoian chief whom Cartier first met on the Gaspé shore in 1534 and later kidnapped. Later on the Pacific coast, Nootka chief Maquinna encounters John Jewitt, the English sailor who became his captive and eventually his reluctant friend.

Complete Credits for Episode 1

Producer/Director/Writer: Andrew Gregg
Producer: Gail Gallant
Co-producers: Julia Bennett and Lynn Glazier
Editor: Jacques Milette
Cinematography: Michael Sweeney, CSC, Hans Vanderzande

Featuring: Yvan Ponton (Jacques Cartier), Michael Mahonen (John Jewitt), Jonathan Jacobson (Maquinna), August Shellenberg (Woodlands Storyteller), Tantoo Cardinal (Plains Storyteller), Lucie Idlout (Inuit Storyteller), Evan Adams (West Coast Storyteller), René-Daniel Dubois (André Thevet), Roger Honeywell (William Cormack)

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15,000 BC The First Peoples
Huron, Nootka, Inuit...
6000 BC Times of War and Peace
Battles among the Iroquois
1424 First Contact
Encounters with Vikings and others
1534 Early Encounters
Beothuk Indians and the first Europeans
1434 Cartier and Donnacona
Voyages to the New World
1497 Northwest Passage
Lost tribe from Newfoundland
1500s John Jewitt's Diary
Life among the Nootka
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