Battle for a Continent
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Battle for a Continent
Fortress Louisbourg
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Friction before the War
In 1758, the first step in England's plan to concentrate its war effort in North America was to capture Louisbourg, the French fortress that guarded the entrance to the St.
During the mid-1700s, the fortress of Louisbourg guarded the gateway to New France on the Atlantic coast.
The fortress of Louisbourg was defended by a garrison of 2500 men, 400 militia and 10 ships at the time of the Seven Years War.
Lawrence River. It sat on Île Royale (now Cape Breton Island), a fortified town that had become a detested symbol. It was the centre of the French fishing industry, a key military site and a training base for the French navy.

The French presence in Louisbourg was a source of great friction between the rival countries before the War. French privateers used Louisbourg as a base to plunder New England ships. In 1744 the French captured a New England fishing outpost at Canso, Nova Scotia. A year later, fed up with these attacks, a New England force attacked Louisbourg. It was a motley collection of boats and citizens aided by a British naval force from the Carribean. After a seven-week siege, the French surrendered their fortress and its people were deported to France.

But in the 1748 Treaty of Aix La Chapelle, Louisbourg was restored to the French. At the time of the Seven Years War, Fort Louisbourg was defended by a garrison of twenty-five hundred men, four hundred militia and ten ships.

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Battle for a Continent
Preparing for Battle
Fortress Louisbourg
Friction before the War
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